Lights in the Attic, Hawthorn

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Lights in the Attic is located in Hawthorn on Camberwell Rd, about a ten minute walk from Auburn Station with plenty of parking on the side streets. The cafe pride themselves on quality food and coffee, with a relaxing atmosphere to 'bring light to the space in your day'.

The cafe is located on the corner of Camberwell Road and a side street, and is quite spacious with seating both inside and out. Inside, there are booths with curtains to one side, and the use of pastel colours and simple designs gives it a simple and minimalistic decor. The service was really great, with attentive and friendly staff, and our food came out in less than 10 minutes. I had planned to have the Scotch Eggs Birds Nest dish as I had seen it as one of their most popular dishes, but unfortunately when we were ordering, were informed that they were already out, which was a little disappointing.

The menu at Lights in the Attic has a good range of sweet and savoury dishes, split into small and larger portions depending on how hungry you are. We all went with dishes from the larger portion side, including the Finding Nemo ($18.50), the Lights Out Brekky ($19.50), Sweet Benny ($18.50) and the Bannoffee Waffle Bowl ($17.50) to share. Drinks wise, we ordered a chai latte ($5), normal latte ($4) and an OJ ($5.50). The chai latte had a good strong flavour, and was made from organic trade black tea, Australian ginger, stringy bark honey and 8 spices. The latte had a good amount of froth to milk, however the coffee could've been a little stronger, and the OJ was refreshing though a little on the sour side, with pulp in it.

The Finding Nemo consisted of smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, edamame beans, katsuobushi (bonito flakes), furikake seasoning and tobiko mayo on pumpkin toast. The eggs were done extremely well, soft and fluffy and contrasting nicely in particular to the crunchy edamame beans. The salmon had a good strong flavour and the tobiko mayo was lovely and creamy. The use of pumpkin toast was really delicious, and the toast itself was soft, soaking up the flavours of the dish nicely and giving it a subtle sweet flavour.

The lights out brekky had eggs of your choice (we went with scrambled) on multi-grain toast with feta, avo and grilled tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms. The toast itself was soft but the crust was extremely hard to cut into. The grilled tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms weren't too oily which was great, in particular the tomatoes had a lovely sweetness to it and wasn't acidic which was really enjoyable. The eggs were very fluffy but didn't have much flavour, so we ended up having to add pepper to it. A very large, filling portion that's great if you're super hungry!

The sweet benny was made up of sweet potato hash browns with smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise on a green pea puree with a beetroot and buckwheat crisp. This was a really enjoyable dish, in particular the sweet potato hash browns which were full of flavour, however a little too crumbly and broke apart too easily. All the elements of the dish went really well together, apart from beetroot and buckwheat crisp, which gave the dish extra crunch but were almost unnecessary.

The waffle bowl was a really good combination of flavours made up of banoffee cream, vanilla ice cream, milo soil, jaffa sauce, fresh berries topped with isomalt (sugar glass) candy. The waffle itself had a good crunch and didn't become soggy underneath everything, and there was a good balance of flavours, in particular the banana flavour and fresh acidic berries which came through strongly. The popping candy was a nice touch, and the crumble gave the dish extra crunch.

It was a really great experience at Lights in the Attic, though disappointing that they ran out of the dish I wanted to order. Worth visiting if you're in the area, though probably go earlier if you don't want to miss out on the popular dishes.

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 8/10

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