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Staple is a recently opened cafe in St Kilda on Fitzroy St, off Princes St. The closest tram stop is probably route 16, though the 96, 3, 5, 6, and 64 all pass through that area near St Kilda Junction. The cafe prides itself on providing high quality food and coffee and a great customer experience.

The cafe is very spacious, with high ceilings and large windows allowing natural light to enter. There's plenty of seating both inside and out, with the outside of the cafe actually quite popular even in winter, as they provide heating and blankets to keep you toasty and warm. The staff were extremely attentive and friendly, and it was only about a fifteen minute wait for our food.

The menu has a good range of sweet and savoury dishes, as well as a display cabinet of dessert goodies and sandwiches. We decided to go with baked eggs ($18), the mushrooms ($18) and the eggs your own way with avo and smoked salmon ($19.50).

The eggs your own way could be cooked as poached, fried or folded; we decided on the folded option, which was nice and creamy and a good portion that was quite filling. The avo was served with what appeared to be some sort of edible dirt on the top that turned out to be salt, which was a nice touch and meant you didn't have to add your own seasoning. The buttered toast was a nice addition to the dish, and the smoked salmon gave it added flavour.

The mushroom dish was served on pumpkin bread with chevre (goats cheese), potato rosti, parsley, pine nuts and a poached egg. The flavours all combined together nicely and was quite light; it was mostly natural flavours and nothing overpowered or was too strong. The pine nuts and the rosti gave the dish extra texture with its crunchiness, in particular the potato rosti which was crisp but not too oily. The use of pumpkin bread as opposed to normal sourdough was really lovely, giving the dish an additional light pumpkin flavour.

The baked eggs came with field mushrooms, pecorino (Italian cheese), garlic, preseved lemon, cream and pinenuts. It was unlike any other baked eggs I'd had, which for the most part were the thick tomato based style of baked eggs. This one was quite runny and almost felt like a creamy soup in flavour. I really enjoyed the strands of preserved lemon that were in the dish, as the strong citrus flavour cut through the other heavier flavours nicely to balance the dish out. There was a good portion of mushrooms, though I would've like more of the leafy salad and pine nuts that were on top, or have the bread not buttered, as it got a bit too much by the end and was quite salty. The only downside was the eggs themselves, which were a little overcooked, with the yolk not really oozing out when cut into. In addition, the egg white kind of got lost in the dish amongst the creamy sauce and cheese.

A good little cafe in the area, perfect in summer and just a few tram stops away from St Kilda beach, worth visiting if you're in the area!

Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 7.5/10

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