Touchwood, Richmond

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Located on Bridge Road about a 10 minute walk from the outlets/retail stores, Touchwood is a large cafe with a great range of breakfast and lunch, sweet and savoury options as well as a display cabinet of small goodies. The cafe is easily accessible by trams 48 or 75, and there's plenty of parking on the side streets.

From the exterior, you wouldn't expect the cafe to be so spacious, but upon entering it feels like it never ends! Despite it being quite busy when we went, it never felt hectic or cramped; rather, everything is spaced out nicely and the open space allows for normal conversations to flow without having to really raise your voice. The high ceilings with the simple earthy designs and plants made for a comfortable atmosphere. We waited about 15 minutes for a table on a Sunday, and for the most part, the staff were attentive during our meals.

As with a lot of cafes these days, there's a couple of fancy lattes and smoothies to choose from, and Touchwood was no exception. An array of colourful lattes, smoothies and juices together with the basic coffee and teas made up the drinks menu, together with a variety of brunch options and specials of the day. The dishes we went with were the wholemeal waffles ($17.50) and the breakfast tacos ($14.50), and drinks wise we got the Summer Loving ($7) and a Pink Latte ($5). The Summer Lovin was made up of pineapple, apple, lemon and mint, and was a refreshing drink that was slightly on the sour side, as expected. The pineapple flavour came through quite strongly, but wasn't overpowering. The Pink Latte consisted of beetroot, and was made with soy milk and honey. It wasn't too sweet, and there was a lovely fruity taste to it. There was a good milkiness to the latte, however probably a bit too much froth as it wasn't a cappuccino.

The breakfast tacos were made up of coriander scrambled eggs, avo, house baked beans, charred corn, potato, jalapenos, dijon aioli and grueyere cheese. There was a lot of filling in the tacos, to the point where we had to eat a lot of it first so it wouldn't fall out everywhere when you picked it up in the soft tortilla shell. The jalapenos gave the tacos a really great spicy hit to bring it all together, with the sweetness of the corn, the savoury eggs, baked beans and aioli, and had some really great textures. The taco shell itself was slightly crumbly, but overall this was a really flavoursome and enjoyable dish.

The wholemeal waffles were served with fresh berries, peanut butter mascarpone, maple syrup, almond flakes and strawberry dust. The waffles themselves were nice and crisp, and the peanut butter flavour was great to balance out the sweetness of the syrup and the acidity of the berries. The use of peanut butter mascarpone as opposed to just normal peanut butter helped bring the textures together really well; just peanut butter by itself would've been a bit sticky, and plain mascarpone would've lacked flavour. The almond flakes on the side were a nice touch for additional crunch, and it was a good portion to share between two people.

I would definitely recommend coming to Touchwood if you're looking for brunch in the Richmond area; there's no shortage of great places in this area, but this is definitely worth a try.

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 8/10

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