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Founded over 30 years ago, The Ginger People is a family business with a passion for ginger and over 80 products in their portfolio ranging from confectionery, drinks and pantry essentials. I was lucky enough to be able to sample four of their ten main products, including the minced ginger, crystallised ginger, ginger soother and the ginger bar. What's great about products from The Ginger People is that none contain artificial flavours or genetically modified organisms, with the pantry essentials range also gluten free, kosher and vegan friendly.

Minced Ginger
The Minced Ginger is a chopped ginger product that can replace the use of raw ginger in cooking; it comes in a mashed format in a jar that can be easily scooped out depending on how much you'd want to use. I decided to try it out firstly in a dipping sauce that I'd usually make using chopped ginger, and found it to be a great substitute. The ginger taste was subtle with a slight spiciness to it, which was just what I was after. However, if you're looking for a stronger and more obvious ginger flavour, you'd probably still have to go with actual slices/pieces of ginger.

Crystallised Ginger
The crystallised ginger is candied cubes that the packaging suggests can be used in baking, dips, tea or snacking. Made from baby ginger, it's tender and fibre-less, yet still containing the great ginger flavour.

I tried this in a black tea thinking it would work like a sugar cube, dissolving in the hot liquid for a added ginger taste. It did add that spicy flavour to my tea, however the cube didn't melt at all, and once all the sugary crystallised outer layer melted into the tea, you were left with a little cube of ginger that had a bit of a strange, smooth texture - kind of like an apple but less crisp and juicy - and a light ginger flavour only. As a snack by itself however, the crystallised ginger was really enjoyable,  as the crunchy sugar crystals contrasted to the softer interior, with a spicy hit at the end. It works as a really great snack that keeps you going during the day.

Ginger Soother
The ginger soother is juice made from Peruvian ginger, lemon and honey, and great for when you're feeling nauseous, having chills or boosting the immune system. This was probably my favourite product of the four I got to try, as it was essentially a honey lemon tea with an added spicy ginger flavour. The juice had a soothing, warming effect when you drank it hot - which was my preference in comparison to having it cold - and was really enjoyable given all the cold weather we've been having! The only downside was that you did have to shake the juice before having it, so if you left it for too long, it kind of separated into the juice up the top and a cloudy residue down the bottom.

Arjuna Ginger Bar
Made from fresh organic ginger and sweetened with coconut sugar, the Arjuna Bar is a rich flavoured snack that has a peppery spice mixed with a fruity sweetness. Personally, I found the bar to be extremely chewy and sticky, to the point of being too chewy and tough to eat. The texture was like a cross between molasses and licorice, and stuck to your teeth in an unpleasant way. It did have a good spicy ginger flavour as the bar is coated in a very thin layer of ginger spice, and had a natural sweetness to it.

A range of products from The Ginger People can be found at Coles, IGA, independent supermarkets such as Healthy Life and Go Vita as well as organic and vitamin stores and selected pharmacies. A big thank you to Rebecca and the team from The Ginger People for this opportunity!

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