Aura Cafe, Templestowe

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Aura Cafe is located in Templestowe, in a little cluster of restaurants on the intersection of High St and Manningham Rd. A couple of buses go past the area, and there's also plenty of parking in the nearby area. The cafe prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and outstanding food, and offers catering services as well as dining.

The cafe is spacious and open, though quite noisy because of all the people. The cafe almost seems to have two separate sections; a modern, cosy section with plenty of natural light, contrasting with a wide, open area that has a more homey, comfortable feel to it. The staff were friendly and attentive, though our food did take at least 25 minutes to arrive.

Breakfast is served all day on weekends at Aura, and the lunch menu begins at 12pm. We all went with dishes from the breakfast menu; two of my friends had the corn fritters ($16.90), and I got the baked eggs ($15.90). We also all ordered an orange juice, which was really refreshing and sweet, and a good portion for the price.

The corn fritters came with smashed avo and feta, bacon and a poached egg, and one of my friends also ordered hash browns on the side ($3.50). The portion of the dish was a bit small but really delicious; you could see actual corn kernels in the fritters and it wasn't just full of flour. The egg was cooked perfectly but would've been good to have another one to make the dish more filling, and the bacon portion was great, though a little bit crispier would've been better as it felt a little oily. The smashed avo and feta did help to balance this out, and the hash browns on the side were also delicious.

The baked spanish eggs was cooked in a housemade salsa of tomato, chorizo, roast capsicum and onion, topped with mozzarella cheese and served with herb toast. The cheese on the top of the baked eggs wasn't something I'd seen before in such a dish, but made for a really yummy additional that mixed perfectly with the rest of the elements. The eggs were actually poached instead of baked, but cooked perfectly and oozing out when cut into. The tomato flavour came through really well, and had a slight acidity to it that was really enjoyable. I would've personally like more capsicum and onion flavour in the dish as well, but it was still great the way it was. Three slices of the herb bread was served on the side which I thought was quite a generous portion, and dipped in the salsa made for a hearty, warming dish.

The dishes at Aura are quite a bit cheaper than your average cafe/brunch place, with great flavours and combinations. Definitely worth a visit for those willing to trek out to the east side for a food adventure!

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Price: $

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