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Hello Sailor is a cafe in Hawthorn close to Auburn Station on the Belgrave/Lilydale/Alamein line, close to another cafe I've recently blogged about, The Counter. I'd noticed the cafe a little while ago because of the huge 'Hello Sailor' logo painted on the wall of the cafe (it's located on the corner of a street), and the fact it seemed to be always very busy when I went past.

The interior design of Hello Sailor is very cosy, and there's a very homely feel to the place, with the pale wooden walls contrasting with the white ceiling, and the simple hanging lights. Cushioned seating lines one side of the cafe, and soft upbeat music plays in the background, giving the cafe a lively but not too noisy atmosphere, mixed with the chatter from all the customers. There's also plenty of seating for two outside the cafe, and I noticed quite a few people bought their pets along when sitting outside. The staff were friendly for the most part, however service was average - despite it not being particularly busy when we went, there was a half hour wait for our food to arrive.

The menu at Hello Sailor is quite extensive, especially in terms of sweet dishes. The ones we ordered were the house made coconut bread dish ($18), and the poached chicken soba noodle salad ($19.5). The coconut bread was served with lemon curd, fresh raspberries, coconut chips, meringue and persian fairy floss. The dish not only tasted great but smelt delicious, and the combination of all the flavours and textures made for a very enjoyable dish. The sweet and crunchiness from the meringue and the coconut chips, mixed with the sour lemon curd and raspberries gave a well rounded dish that balanced out really well. The only downside was the amount of butter that was used on the coconut bread, that made it quite heavy and to the point where it felt like the bread was being drenched in it.

The soba noodle salad consisted of ginger poached chicken and green tea infused soba noodles, and was served with candied chilli and black sesame seeds. The soba itself had a nice subtle sweetness to it, and good elasticity. The use of long thin slices of zucchini and carrot was different to some of the soba noodle dishes I've had, which was great. It was a little on the acidic side, though this went well with the noodles and chicken themselves, which didn't have much flavour. The chicken had a moistness to it but was still a little dry, and the presentation definitely could've been improved; it was just three large portions of chicken on the dish and it would've been better if it was cut into smaller portions. The candied chilli gave a nice heat to the dish, though I wasn't a big fan of the fact it had been candied and there was quite a lot of it in the dish. Overall an average dish in my opinion.

There's some interesting dishes that are a different take to your average brunch places here at Hello Sailor, and worth a try if you're in the area.

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Price: $$

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