Kitty Burns, Abbotsford

Kitty Burns is a relatively new cafe in the Abbotsford/Richmond area on Victoria Parade, just opposite Victoria Gardens and easily accessible by trams 12 and 109. The interior design of Kitty Burns is one of the best that I've come across in Melbourne, and made for a really great eating experience. The cafe itself is located in a cluster of new apartments; if you enter through the front where the tram stop is, you'll have to walk to the right and down a bit further past some corporate offices to reach it.

The interior design of Kitty Burns is very sleek, with the use of pastel greens and blues throughout the cafe. The wooden decor and furnishing adds to the aesthetics of the place, as do the tall ceilings and large windows that allow plenty of natural light to pass through. The atmosphere is lively though at times you do have to raise your voice, as there is always so many people. Service was pretty good, and we didn't have to wait too long for a table or our food. The staff were extremely attentive, with multiple staff coming over during our meal to ask how everything was, if they could get us anything else etc.

The menu at Kitty Burns has a good range of breakfast and lunch dishes, and a lot of the items seem to have asian inspired flavours. There's also a large range of smoothies and drinks to choose from, as well as a range of desserts at the main counter in the middle of the cafe. The dishes we went with were the omelette ($23) and the torched kingfish ($22.50), and drinks wise an OJ ($6) and a long black ($3.80). The OJ was refreshing and had a subtle sweetness to it, and went really well with the dish. The long black came with a small glass of sparkling water on the side, which acted as a great palette cleanser. It wasn't something I'd seen before but was a nice touch. The coffee itself was also great, not too bitter with a good strong flavour.

The Omelette was served with slow poached smoked rockling (a type of fish), as well as clove and bay bechamel (french white sauce), aerated hollandaise, parmesan and toast. The dish itself might not have looked very pretty, but tasted really great. The smokey flavour from the rockling came through really well, and the fish itself was well cooked but not dry. The parmesan flavour was quite strong at times, and you could also taste a subtle coriander in the omelette itself. The hollandaise flavour was also subtle and added to the dish, which overall was quite light but a good portion.

The torched kingfish came with kimchi mayonnaise, leek ash, sea succulents, roast sesame dressing, edamame beans, Japanese rice and a 63/63 egg (an egg cooked at 63 degrees for 63 minutes). This was a gluten free dish that was well done, though the portion a bit small given the price, in my opinion. The kingfish was extremely soft and fresh with none of the fishy flavour, and the sour, slightly spicy and creamy kimchi mayo was a nice contrast to it. The Japanese rice tasted like sushi rice; sticky but a bit more sweeter, and with the 63/63 egg, was a really enjoyable element of the dish to make you feel more full. The seaweed succulents was an interesting touch to the dish and definitely added texture with its crunchiness, though it was a little slimy and quite salty, and might not be preferable for everyone. It did give the dish some freshness as well, to balance it out.

There was a range of cronuts and Bistro Morgan donuts on display, and we decided to go with a simple chocolate cronut ($5.50) to share as a dessert. The cruffin was a little disappointing as there was hardly any chocolate filling nor was it flaky at all, just quite sugary from the dusting covering the cronut. It was nice and soft though but lacked the croissant like textures.

I'd like to come back and try some of the other items on the menu - the dish I had originally wanted to choose was already sold out on the day when I went, and we were there around 11:30am on a Saturday! Definitely worth a visit even just for the design of the place alone, though the food is pretty great as well.

Ambience: 9.5/10 
Service: 9/10
Food: 8/10
Price: $$

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