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OneFourteen is a restaurant/bar in Mentone just off the Nepean Hwy, about a five minute walk from Mentone Station on the Frankston line. I was lucky enough to be invited by the restaurant for a review and had a really great food experience here.

The restaurant has undergone renovations and now includes an outdoor Beer Garden on top of the indoor seating and function room space. Currently it is only opened on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sundays during the day. The venue is well known for its musical acts, and is a great place for a catch up with some friends after a long week.

We chose to sit in the outside Beer Garden, which is shaded for the most part so even if the weather is bad you could sit outside. There's also heaters along the walls for winter, and there's a couple of pot plants to one side, giving the place a comfortable, backyard sort of feel. The whole atmosphere of the place seems very relaxed and spacious, with plenty of seating.

There's a good range of tapas and mains at OneFourteen, which makes it perfect for sharing between large groups of people. We decided to go with the TopFive Pizza ($18) and The Captain Burger from the specials menu ($20), and were provided with a selection of tapas as well such as the Arancini of the day ($12), Lemon Pepper Calamari ($15), Pork Belly ($15) and sweet potato chips ($12). We had also seen on Instgaram that OneFourteen does some pretty insane milkshakes, so ordered the Golden Gaytime and Nutella ones. I was surprised to see that the milkshakes weren't actually listed on their menu anywhere, given that this could be quite a good selling point to have people come and try, since milkshakes are quite popular at the moment.

The arancini we had was filled with jalapenos and feta, which gave it a nice hit of spice that went well with the subtle flavours of the arancini itself. The dip on the side also gave the dish another flavour hit, and the arancini itself was nice and crisp on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside.

The lemon pepper calamari came with a homemade aioli, and was probably one of my favourite dishes of the day. The calamari was extremely soft with a light crisp batter, and the lemon pepper flavouring gave it acidity and some spiciness which was really enjoyable. I felt that it was tasty enough without the aioli dip, but it added a good balance to the zest when you did have it with the dip.

The pork belly dish was served with spinach, on a spicy honey glaze. The pork itself had really great flavour, with the honey glaze contrasting nicely with the slightly burnt bitter taste from the bottom of the pork, though I didn't really taste any spiciness in the dish at all. At times the pork was a little tough down the bottom, but for the most part it was still a great dish, and the spinach helped balance out the heavier flavours from the pork and glaze.

The spiced sweet potato chips also came with homemade aioli on the side, and were really crisp and light. The sweet potato taste wasn't overpowering, so for someone who isn't the biggest fan of the vegetable, was still a delicious dish. Even by the end of the meal, the chips didn't become soggy at all and were still crunchy to eat.

The top five pizza consisted of fresh ham, olives, mushrooms, mozzarella, truffle oil and napoli sauce. The thin crusted pizza was quite light, so even if you had a couple of slices it wasn't too filling. There was generous portions of each ingredient on the pizza, and the truffle oil flavour was quite pronounced. However, I would've liked a little bit more napoli sauce on the base of the pizza, to further balance out all the flavours of the dish.

The Captain Burger consisted of a beef patty with salami, ham, quad cheese, two hash browns and OneFourteen special sauce, served with a bucket of chips on the side. It's definitely a very heavy burger that's great value for money, and I was glad we only ordered the one burger as it was quite a lot to have by one person! The burger did use a brioche bun so there was some sweetness to counter all the saltier meaty flavours of the burger, and the chips on the side were also nice and crispy.

The nutella milkshake was served with whipped cream and a Kinder Bueno bar, and came with greek donuts on the side. The milkshake itself wasn't very thick which was good, and the chocolately nutella flavour came through nicely. The greek donuts that came on the side were extremely delicious and enjoyable; very light and crispy batter covered in a generous amount of nutella, with a good dense doughy inside. Even when the donut had been left for quite awhile, the outer layer didn't become soggy at all.

The golden gaytime milkshake came with a waffle and icecream on top, and was also extremely enjoyable. It was pretty much like having a liquid gaytime, and wasn't just a sweet drink that needed to be balanced out with the foods. The honeycomb flavour really came through and the crunchiness from honeycomb bits gave the drink a nice crunch to it.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Sara, Rachel and the whole team at OneFourteen for being such wonderful hosts and inviting Delightfully Tasty for this review. I hadn't eaten so much food in one go in awhile and was definitely in a bit of a food coma for the rest of the day! For sure would recommend coming for some great food, great music and a great time.

Ambience: 8/10 
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Price: $$

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