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Cumulus Inc is a popular cafe/restaurant in the CBD on Flinders Lane, pretty much next door to Fonda Mexican and a short walk from a number of trams and Parliament Station. It's best known for its dinner, but we thought we'd try out the breakfast and see how it was, and were generally happy with our experience.

We went on a Sunday at around 10am and were lucky enough to grab one of the last free tables - any later and we probably would've had to wait quite a bit for a table. The cafe has tall ceilings that make it look quite spacious, despite not being large. The decor is minimal - large windows take up one side of the cafe, and the rest is simple white walls.

The menu at Cumulus isn't very extensive, but there are some dishes you don't see at every cafe. Two of us got the Baked Eggs ($18.5) and my other friend the Avo on Toast ($11), and we also got Madeleines ($2.50 each) to finish off the meal. Drinks wise we ordered a soy latte ($4.40) and organic orange juice ($5). The latte was pretty good though took awhile to come, and the OJ was refreshing and on the sweet side, which contrasted really well with our dishes.

The baked eggs was served with roasted peppers and shanklish (a type of cheese). It was a bit more sour than I'm used to in a Baked Eggs dish, but still very enjoyable nonetheless. The tomatoes were really juicy and flavoursome, as were the roasted peppers. Both my friend and I thought the eggs were a little overcooked and we would've liked to have them a bit more runny. It was a really filling, hearty dish and a good portion with the bread the came on the side that you could dip into the baked eggs and soak up all the tomato and pepper goodness.

The avo on wholegrain toast was served with a tahini and sumac dressing, with a lime wedge on the side. The portion was a little small so would be good if you're not feeling particularly hungry, otherwise you'd probably have to order something else as well. The presentation was done really well and the elements of the dish came together really well. However, the dressing did feel a bit sour, perhaps because of the additional lime juice squeezed on top, together with an already tart flavour from the sumac. It was really smooth in texture though, acting as a substitute to a spread on the toast, and was also an enjoyable dish.

Madeleines at Cumulus are freshly made on the spot, which takes about fifteen minutes as stated on the menu. Madeleines are a type of french style cake, and this was filled with lemon curd. I really enjoyed this as there was a really great combination of flvaours and textures, and it was a light dessert that made for a great end to the meal. The outer brim of the top of the Madeleine was slightly crunchy, contrasting with the soft and sweet cake itself, and balanced out with the acidic/sour lemon curd so it wasn't too heavy.

I had a good experience here at Cumulus, though I'd definitely suggest coming early if you don't want to wait for a table. I'd visit again and maybe for dinner, and see what all the fuss is about.

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10
Price: $$

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