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Mr Mister is a cafe along the Chapel St eatery/shopping strip in Windsor, a couple of door down from another place I'd blogged about in the past, Journeyman. It's easily accessible by any of the trams that pass through Chapel St, or a short walk from Prahran/Windsor stations.

There's a cosy and comfortable feel to the cafe with its white walls and simple plant decor, and the area we were sitting in was indoors but with glass ceilings, allowing the sunlight to stream through for a relaxing atmosphere, together with the soft upbeat music and lively chatter from the customers. The service wasn't too bad, and the staff were attentive, though we had a bit of an unfortunate incident where the staff clearing the plates from the table behind us accidentally dropped one of the knives, and my friend got tomato sauce splattered onto her clothes.

Both breakfast and lunch are served all day at Mr Mister, and there's a good range of dishes to choose from. We all went with ones from the breakfast menu; the Open Omelette ($19.50), Baked Eggs ($18) and the Potato Rosti ($19). We also all ordered fresh OJ ($6), which for the price was quite a small bottle. The juice was refreshing though a little on the sour side, but went well with the heavier flavours of the dishes we ordered.

The open omelette consisted of smoked salmon, asparagus, peas and preserved lemon with dill creme fraiche, shaved fennel, watercress salad and toasted baguette. Overall this dish was a bit disappointing, with the dill creme fraiche flavour coming out too strongly that it overpowered the flavours of the egg itself, and there was too much peas in the omelette - the ratio felt a bit off. Also, there were only three small pieces of smoked salmon with the dish, and the watercress salad was quite bland that would've been better with some dressing.

The baked eggs came with chorizo, spiced tomato and pepper sauce, manchego cheese, toasted almonds and toasted baguette. The eggs too lacked flavour, and the sauce wasn't spicy at all. However, the chorizo and manchego cheese were both quite salty and strong, so it did help to balance it out somewhat. There was also spinach in this dish which was unexpected but actually a very welcoming element, with its smooth texture that did manage to soak up some of the tomato flavours. The toasted almonds made for extra texture, and the portion was good.

The potato rosti came with a chicken, ham and pistachio terrine, as well as apple cider chutney, baby spinach, poached eggs and croutons. As it wasn't a weekend, we were able to switch the eggs from poached to scrambled, and it came in its own little dish on the side which was quite nice. Given that the potato rosti was supposed to be the main ingredient in this dish, there wasn't actually a lot of it, in particular in comparison to the terrine. However it was really delicious and crunchy, and flavoursome. The scrambled eggs though nice and fluffy, had too much parsley in it which was quite strong, but the relish had good flavour and was enjoyable.

As there are a lot of good cafes around the Chapel St area, this may not be my first choice to brunch in the area. Not too bad a experience but not enough for me to definitely want to return again anytime soon.

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Price: $$

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