Naughty Boy Cafe, Princes Hill

Naughty Boy Cafe has become very popular in the past couple of months because of their insane milkshakes, so I was really excited to try it out, and was not disappointed. From presentation to flavour, this was everything you'd wish for in a dessert style milkshake. The cafe is located in Princes Hill/Carlton North, just off a tram stop on line 1 or 8.

There wasn't too long of a wait for a table when we went on a weekend - fifteen minutes at most. The cafe is very large and despite it being filled with people and having quite a loud environment, we could still hear each other relatively well as it was spacious enough. One of the walls is furnished with just bricks, giving it a rustic contrast to the rest of the cafe with its white walls. The decor is simple, with beams of lights hanging from the ceiling on wooden poles, and not much else decoration wise. The staff were friendly and attentive, and our milkshakes came quite quickly after we ordered, though food took about 40 minutes after that.

The two milkshakes we got were the Chocolate and Nutella Fudge and the Pavlova (both $12), and food wise we ordered the corn and zucchini fritters ($18.50), salmon scrambled ($19.50) and scrambled eggs with spinach and bacon on the side ($10 plus $4 each side). Both milkshakes were surprisingly not overly sweet despite all the elements (we definitely ooh-ed and ahh-ed when it first came out and spent a good ten minutes taking photos!), and pricing is decent given how much there's in it. The Chocolate and Nutella Fudge milkshake came with gluten free brownies, white chocolate mousse and freeze dried fruits. The brownies were moist, fudgy and chewy, but not too sweet which was good. The milkshake itself wasn't very thick and more like chocolate milk, but it was still really delicious nonetheless. The freeze dried fruits added some acidity to balance out the sweetness of the drink.

The pavlova milkshake was made up of coconut milk, vanilla and lime, and also had passionfruit curd, meringue, kiwi, mixed berries and strawberry fairy floss. We all really enjoyed the fairy floss as it was really fluffy and light, and not just full of sugar crystals like most fairy floss I've had in the past. This milkshake was a lot more sour than the chocolate and nutella fudge one, but still really enjoyable - it was more tropical with all the summery fruits in the shake, and the meringue gave it some extra sweetness.

The corn and zucchini fritters were served with broad beans, mint, dill, tomato, fennel, poached eggs and romesco sauce. There was a really generous serving with three large fritters that were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a subtle dill taste to it. The romesco sauce was nice and spicy which gave the fritters an extra hit of flavour and heat, and the salad on the side was refreshing, though could've done with a dressing as it was a bit dry and bland at times. The poached eggs were slightly overcooked and the yolk didn't ooze out when cut into, but still tasted great.

The salmon scrambled consisted of smoked salmon with burrata cheese, asparagus, leek, mint, trussed tomato, pea powder and seeded sourdough. Overall the portion of this dish felt a little small; there was only one piece of bread that came with it, which became very soggy underneath the eggs. The eggs themselves were also quite bland and we had to add pepper to it, though the salmon and tomatoes on the side were good.

The other scrambled eggs dish with sauteed spinach and grilled bacon was quite enjoyable, with smooth and fluffy eggs. The bacon wasn't too salty and there was a good portion of spinach in the dish. However, a major downside was that both pieces of toast that were served with the dish were extremely burnt on one side and barely edible, with a very tough crust.

Foodwise there seems to be some improvements that can be made, but I'd suggest coming even if you just tried the milkshakes, because they are really that good. Worth trekking out a bit further and very photogenic for sure!

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Food: 7.5/10
Price: $$

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