Industry Beans, Fitzroy

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Industry Beans is a popular cafe in Fitzroy best known for its coffee (as the name suggests) and asian inspired dishes. Despite not being a coffee drinker, I had a great experience here, even trying out a coffee themed dessert that was really enjoyable. Industry Beans is about a five to ten minute walk from the nearest tram stop on the 96 line towards Brunswick East, and there's also plenty of parking on the side streets.

There was about a ten minute wait for a table when we went at 12:30pm on a Sunday, and we were seated in the shaded area with heaps of glass, so you felt like you were sitting outside but at the same time protected from the heat/sun. There was a very summery feel to the whole cafe in the area we were sitting in, from the open space layout and the plants. The interior of the cafe is more warehouse looking, with the tall ceilings and overall decor. Service was good, and we didn't have to wait too long for our food.

The menu at Industry Beans is seasonal, and there's a good range of both breakfast and lunch dishes, as well as sides and desserts. The dishes we went with were the Tamarind Blue Swimmer Crab ($23) and the Shanklish Cheese Omelette ($19), and we also got the Coffee Garden dessert ($14) to share. Drinks wise, my friend and I both ordered the fresh mango nectar juice ($6.50) that came with basil seed and orange. The juice was very refreshing and there was a good strong mango taste, and the drink was sweet, with a slight bitter aftertaste from the basil seeds.

The Crab dish came with crispy prawns, green apple, lychees and a thai herb omelette. It was a very summer inspired dish that was refreshing to eat, and you could really taste the crab flavour even though it wasn't really visible on the plate. The crunchy apple slices added texture to the dish, and the grapefruit and pear gave it some acidic and freshness. The asian inspired flavours made for an interesting take on the classic omelette, and the prawns had great elasticity, adding some chewiness to the soft omelette. It was a really enjoyable dish and each bite was an explosion of flavours.

The cheese omelette was served with caramelised leeks, zatar (middle eastern spice), pinenuts, crispy kale and sourdough. It too had really great flavours, and you could really taste the sourness of the zatar, to the point where it did get a bit much at times. The cheese was salty and flavoursome, balanced out by the caramelised leek which had a hint of sweetness of them, and the crispy kale added texture. The portion of the dish was generous, and with the sourdough made for a great meal.

The Coffee Garden consisted of coffee custard pudding, coffee caviar, cold drip gel, chocolate soil, pistachio sponge and tuille (baked wafer). Even as someone who doesn't drink coffee, I really enjoyed the dessert, with all the different textures and flavours from the different elements. It was light and refreshing and not just sweet; the pudding and the caviar was slightly bitter but with a good coffee flavour, which contrasted well with the sour raspberry and the sweet pear. The pistachio sponge also ensured it wasn't too sweet in flavour, and contrasted with the crispy tuille to make for a really great dish.

I had a great experience here at Industry Beans and would definitely visit again - worth a try if you're in the Fitzroy/Smith St/Brunswick St area!

Ambience: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10
Price: $$

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