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Dip In Cafe is a large, spacious cafe on McKillop St in the CBD just off Bourke Street, between Elizabeth and Queen St. It's on the same street as Red Spice Road, Goong, and a few other eateries, and the concept of the dishes here are really interesting and different.

The entrance of the cafe leads to a wide, downstairs area with a couple of small tables, before opening out into a larger area with booths lining three sides and a large communal table in the middle, and there's also seating outside the cafe itself. There's really cool artwork along one whole wall, and there's a sort of old school and also slightly American feel to the place with the wooden booths in particular. Lights hang from the ceiling and the upbeat music gives off a South American/Jamaican vibe.

The staff here are extremely friendly and attentive, constantly checking up on us and making sure we had everything we needed. Wait time for food was average, though it was relatively quiet when we went on a Saturday around 11am. The specialty of Dip In Cafe is its range of dips and bread bowls, with a modern twist on some brunch dishes. You have the ability to choose a bread base, eggs, dips, and sides to make your own dish, or there's a range of signature dishes in the bread bowls, as well as breakfast and lunch menu items. My friend and I both went with the signature dishes, and ordered the Make Hummus Not War ($15.90) and the Shakshuka with grilled chorizo ($13.9 + 5.5).  Drinks wise, my friend got a cappuccino ($3.50), and I got a freshly squeezed orange juice ($6). The capp was strong with a good amount of froth, and had a good aromatic coffee flavour. It also came with a small biscuit on the side, which was really cute. My OJ was sweet and sour at the same time, and very refreshing, however there was quite a bit of foam in it which made it a bit hard to drink by the end.

The Make Hummus Not War bread bowl consisted of home made hummus topped with pan fried beef and lamb, tossed with pine nuts and mushrooms, and my friend also ordered hollandaise to go on the side. There was a bit too much hummus in the dish and it felt a little overpowering; half the filling in the bread bowl was hummus, but the texture was smooth and you could taste the natural flavours which was really nice. The beef and lamb was cooked perfectly in a middle eastern style, and the mushrooms and pine nuts added good texture. The bread was soft and fresh, and the top of it was nice and crispy.

The Shakshuka consisted of traditional slow cooked tomato sauce served with two baked eggs in a bread bowl, and I added grilled chorizo on the side. The sauce made the dish quite sour, but the chorizo I ordered on the side helped to balance this out with its spicy and heavier meaty flavours. The chorizo was also really good in that it wasn't oily at all, and there was a generous portion of it. Despite all the ingredients in the bread bowl, it didn't become soggy at all and the eggs were cooked well; not runny but still that bright orange colour. Both bread bowl dishes were served with salad on the side, which was refreshing and helped balance out the heavier flavours from the main dish. There was just the right amount of dressing so it wasn't acidic or dry.

It was a really great food experience at Dip In Cafe, and definitely worth a try for some different food if you're in the CBD. The prices are really decent given the portions of food you get, and I'll be coming back again some time to try some other dishes for sure!

Ambience: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Food: 8/10
Price: $$

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