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Legacy Camberwell is a relatively new cafe in Camberwell, just opposite the library and close to another place I've blogged about, Red Robyn. It is well known for its specialty coffee and donuts, as well as being a health conscious cafe.

The cafe doesn't look very big but makes good use of space, with large communable tables in the front section, and smaller tables at the back. The use of white in the ceiling against the brick walls and wooden tables made for a clean and rustic feel, and there was a lively atmosphere from all the people and the upbeat music playing in the background. The staff were friendly and attentive, and there wasn't too long of a wait for our food.

We went around 11.15 on a Saturday morning and didn't have to wait for a table, though it did start to fill with people quite quickly when we were there. We wanted to get a nutella donut as that's one of the famous desserts at Legacy Camberwell, though unfortunately they had all sold out and only had two left! We ended up ordering a peanut butter, chocolate and raspberry donut ($5) just to try one anyway, and were not disappointed at all. The donut was quite dense with good elasticity and not too dry, with a strong peanut butter flavour. It was quite rich, and the raspberry jam balanced out the PB well, though you couldn't really taste the chocolate flavour; it looked to only be drizzled on the top.

There's a range of sweet and savoury dishes at Legacy; two of my friends went with the Little Somethin', Somethin' ($18), and I ordered the Pulled Pork Benny ($19.5). I also got an OJ on the side ($5.5), which actually took a while to get here, to the point where I had to ask for it as our food had already been served for a good ten minutes and there was no sign of the juice. The juice itself could've been a bit sweeter and had more pulp, but was refreshing nonetheless.

The Pulled Pork Benny came with two poached eggs and housemade hollandaise, and was served on walnut sourdough bread. The walnut bread was a really nice touch to the dish, soft to cut into and crunchy with the walnut bits in it, which added texture to the dish. There was an extremely generous serving of pulled pork in the dish, and it wasn't too dry which was good. The eggs were cooked well, though only one was runny when cut into. However, this might have been because we spent too long taking photos of our food before eating it! I am not the biggest fan of hollandaise as I find the taste a bit too tangy and sour for my liking, and there was a bit too much of it in the dish in my opinion.

The Little Somethin' Somethin' was a really cool dish that consisted of an assortment of mini dishes, such as an acai granola, a croissant, a smashed avo with egg, and served with an OJ. The acai granola had lighter flavours than the typical acai dish, though mixing it with the sweet vanilla yoghurt and being drizzled in the honey was a really nice and delicious touch. There was a really generous serving of granola in the dish, and it was fresh and crunchy, helping balance out the other flavours of the dish. The croissant was warm and light, and was more of a baked type rather than the flakey croissants. It came with a large amount of butter on the side, which melted really nicely in the warm croissant. The smashed avo dish had really great bread that wasn't soggy at all, with a crunchy base. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the avo had enough seasoning by itself with the black sesame, so didn't need additional salt/pepper added.

I will definitely be visiting again, to try out some of the other dishes and hopefully get to try the nutella donut next time I'm there! A great little cafe if you're in the Camberwell area!

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10
Price: $$

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