Snow Pony, Balwyn

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Snow Pony is a popular cafe in Balwyn, easily accessible by tram 109. The cafe is probably most well known for its toasted banana bread with a berry compote and topped with pistachios, which I had on my first visit here.

Even though it doesn't look very big, the cafe does have a lot of seats, as past the initial area there's an outdoor area that's fully covered, another interior area and then another outdoor area after that. We sat in the outdoor area that was fully covered, so it was still relatively warm and still allowed for the natural light to come through. The atmosphere was quite lively as it was very busy when we went on a Saturday morning, with upbeat music also playing in the background.

There's a good range of breakfast, brunch and lunch menu items at Snow Pony, though my friend and I both went with ones from the breakfast menu; the Giddy Up ($19.90) and the Pony Pan Breakfast ($19.90), and we also got an orange juice and a Noah's Creative Juice. The orange juice was really refreshing and sweet, with pulp in it as well.

The Giddy Up breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with bacon, mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes and avo, served on sourdough toast. The scrambled eggs were cooked perfectly, seasoned nicely and not too creamy. The bacon was enjoyable and not too salty or hard, and there was a generous amount of avo in the dish. The tomatoes were also well seasoned, and the grilled mushrooms were flavoursome, with a good texture as well. The only downside was the bread, which became really soggy underneath all the other elements of the dish.

The Pony Pan Breakfast was made up of fried eggs, sucuk sausage, fresh spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes, preserved lemons and labne, served on multi grain toast. The sucuk sausage (a type of Turkish sausage) has a different texture to your normal brunch type sausage, with a more crumbly texture and heavier flavours in terms of the spices used. The cherry tomatoes were juicy and soft, and the spinach added a vegetable element to the dish. Overall the dish was quite heavy, so it was good to have the orange juice to help wash it down.

It was a good experience here at Snow Pony, and there wasn't too much of a wait for our food, though our drinks only came out after our food did. There's some good choices on here, worth visiting if you're in the area.

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10
Price: $$

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