Between Us, Canterbury

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Between Us is a cosy cafe in the Maling Road shopping strip, about a five minute walk from Canterbury Station. It prides itself on being a cafe  that is 'your own slice of respite' and allows you to unwind and relax.

The environment and atmosphere of the cafe does give a very warm, open and family oriented feel. The decor is very simple, with lights and pot plants hanging from the ceiling, and large photos on one wall. There's quite a lot of seats in the cafe even though it looks quite small from the front; there are couch seats to one side and a range of smaller tables on the other, as well as a larger communal table. The staff were attentive and friendly, and there wasn't too long of a wait for the food.

The menu at Between Us is a bit different to the typical brunch menus, and has more of an emphasis on providing healthy dishes. There's a good range of breakfast and lunch dishes, as well as desserts on display near the counter. We all decided on dishes from the breakfast menu; the Coconut Vanilla Chia ($15), Greenie Eggs ($18), Broccolini Eggs ($17) and the Salmon Provencal ($19.50). Drinks wise, one of my friends ordered a latte ($3.50), one a skinny vanilla chai ($4.50) and I got the hot chocolate ($4.50). The latte was average, but the skinny vanilla chai and hot chocolate were enjoyable. The vanilla chai lacked spices but had a good sweet vanilla taste, and wasn't too milky. The hot chocolate was perfect for the cold weather, with just the right amount of creaminess and sweetness to it.

The coconut vanilla chia came with pudding, brazil nuts, blueberries, strawberries, thyme honey and flowers. It was a refreshing dish to start the day, and the sour raspberries went well with the general sweetness of the dish to balance out the flavours. It would've been good to have a bit less honey as it did get quite sweet by the end, and you couldn't really taste the coconut flavour. However the brazil nuts added a good crunchy texture, and the edible flowers were a nice touch.

The greenie eggs consisted of broccoli, pepitas, chilli, micro basil, almonds, avocado, peas, spinach, black and white quinoa, leafy greens, pom molasses dressing with poached eggs. The dish was very creative and had so many different elements to it that helped give it good flavour and texture combinations. The eggs were a little overcooked, and overall the dish felt like it could do with more dressing, as well as some bread to bring it all together and make it more filling.

The broccolini eggs came with ricotta, crushed almonds and lemon thyme oil with poached eggs on grain toast. The poached eggs were also slightly overcooked in this dish, and didn't ooze out when cut into. There was just the right amount of ricotta in the dish to not be overpowering and salty, and the almonds on top were good for a crunchy texture. However, it would've been better if it was crushed a bit more finely, to mix into the ricotta for a more integral combination of flavours. Overall the dish was quite light and enjoyable, though the bread was also a little hard.

The salmon provencal consisted of smoked salmon with bruxelles (brussel sprouts), snow pea tendrils, potato and leek rosties and poached eggs. The portion was very generous and filling, and the crunchy potato rosti and the soft smoked salmon combined really well with the brussel sprout shreds and tendrils for a balance of textures and flavours for every bite. The smoked salmon wasn't too salty which was really good, and the eggs were cooked well.

Though there were a few downsides to some of the dishes, it was still a very enjoyable experience at Between Us, and I'd come back again to try some of their other dishes, perhaps from the lunch menu as well next time.

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 8/10

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