Cafe Cui, Footscray

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Cafe Cui is a small cafe just opposite Footscray train station, best known for its lobster rolls and burgers. The cafe's dishes are New York inspired, celebrating the diversity, culture and attitude of Footscray itself.

The cafe itself isn't very big but the way it has been designed makes it look and feel quite spacious, especially with the fact that there's no windows or doors - it's a purely open area that is perfect for this warm summer weather. There aren't any decorations on the walls except a sign to one wall that says Cafe Cui, and the white tables with contrasting black chairs/couch seats make for a minimalistic and simple decor.

We went at around 1130 on a Sunday and didn't have to wait at all for a table. It never got really packed the whole time we were there, but there was a constant stream of customers, and lots of people came just to grab a coffee. The drinks menu is located behind the coffee machine on the wall, with a range of coffees, smoothies and juices. I decided on the regular 'Refresher' juice ($6), which was made up of apple, watermelon and pineapple. The watermelon flavour was predominant in the juice, with a slight hint of apple and pineapple, and very refreshing. My friend ordered the regular 'Wake Up Sunshine' juice ($6), which consisted of orange and pineapple juice. It too was very refreshing, and more on the sour side. My other friend ordered a regular 'Berry Boss' smoothie ($6), which was made up of cranberry juice, blueberries and vanilla. It was quite filling with a good berry flavour, though it tasted more like a milkshake than a smoothie, and was quite frothy.

Breakfast is served all day at Cafe Cui, and there's a good range of egg based dishes. Lunch dishes consist of burgers and salads, and there's also a range of desserts in the display cabinet. Both my friends went with the famous 'Lover-Lover Lobster Roll' ($19), and I decided on the Beef Box Burger ($15). The lobster in the rolls was dressed in house made mayo, and served with herb fries. Despite all the great things we'd heard about these lobster rolls, we were a bit disappointed with the end result, and felt it was a little overrated. The rolls themselves were quite small and could've had more filling and seasoning. Even though there was mayo on the lobster, it felt like it was missing something, and might have been better if it used aioli or a herbed mayo, for instance. The portion was also quite small for the price, but the buns themselves were really soft and a little sweet, which was really enjoyable.

The beef burger consisted of a beef patty with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, caramelised onions and house made mayo, and was served with herb fries. The portion of the burger was generous and together with the chips made you feel quite full. It was however quite oily, and had to be washed down with the juice. The beef patty was a good amount though a little on the dry side, and it would've been better if there was more lettuce and tomato to balance out the heavier flavours. The caramelised onions however were really delicious and its sweet flavours really came through even above the flavours of the beef and bacon. The herb chips did help to balance out the dish, but to me, they didn't have much flavouring and could do with more seasoning. Both my friends however though the herb fries were really enjoyable with lots of flavour, so maybe the burger dulled my palette a bit due to its oiliness.

There was about a twenty minute wait for food as per most cafes; we were told by staff that there would be at least a ten minute wait. The staff who served us was friendly, and came to take our dishes a little after we were done. One thing I thought was a bit odd was that we weren't given any cutlery for our dishes - everywhere else I've been to, even if we'd ordered burgers or dishes that you'd usually eat with your hands, you'd be provided with cutlery anyway.

Overall, the dishes were good but definitely not as great as I had expected. The prices at Cafe Cui however are a lot cheaper than other places I've visited, so would be worth a try if you're in Footscray!

Ambience: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Price: 8/10

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