The Pour Kids, Malvern

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The Pour Kids is a small cafe in Malvern off one of the side streets on Glenferrie Rd, opposite Coles and close to another cafe I've blogged about in the past, Eden Espresso. It's easily accessible by tram 16, and there's plenty of parking at the Coles or Dan Murphys a little further down.

The cafe is quite brightly lit due to the large windows, and the interior design is very vibrant, from the large paintings on the walls to all the wooden chairs painted in different colours. Soft music played at times in the background, and there's a lively atmosphere from all the chatter from customers, but not too noisy that you had to raise your voices to hear each other. The service was really great, with friendly and attentive staff. We were waiting awhile for one of our friends to come, and the staff didn't push for us to order first, but someone would come to our table every now and then to see if we wanted anything.

The menu isn't very extensive but there are some interesting dishes and flavour combinations, and all the items have quirky names. The menu is predominantly breakfast dishes, but there's a range of sandwiches all for $11 that can also be chosen. My friends and I all chose dishes from the breakfast menu - the Stacks On! ($16.5 plus an egg for $2.5), Google This ($16) and the Out and a-Trout ($17.5 plus an egg for $2.5). We also all ordered the blended fresh juice - orange juice and an orange, apple, carrot and ginger juice ($6). The orange juices were slightly more sour than what we're normally used to but it was still very refreshing, and same with the combination juice, which also had a really strong ginger flavour. If you're not a big fan of sour flavours this might be a bit much, but we found it quite enjoyable.

The Stacks On! dish consisted of a stack of grilled chorizo, hash brown, guacamole, sour cream and a roasted corn relish. The hash browns were lovely and crispy on the outside and soft inside, and the combination of the chorizo, guacamole and sour cream was really great. The egg was slightly overdone and didn't really ooze out when cut into, but did compliment the dish well, and the roasted corn relish was also enjoyable, being sweet and savoury at the same time and giving the dish that extra flavour. It was a good portion for a dish that left you feeling quite full.

The Google This dish was made up of deep fried crumbed poached eggs with chorizo, feta, frizee lettuce and extra virgin olive oil. The portion was really generous and my favourite element of this dish would definitely have to be the deep fried crumbed eggs, which although were a little well cooked, tasted great and had a crispy texture as it was deep fried. However, I felt that there was too much feta in the dish (although you can't see it in my photo!) and it overpowered everything else in the dish. Feta is quite salty in general and when there is too much of it, becomes really strong a flavour, even with all the lettuce and chorizo. The chorizo was nice and spicy but a little on the chewy side, and was also a little salty. The crunchy croutons were a nice touch, but the feta really brought the dish down - maybe if a different type of lettuce that could better balance out all the feta was used, it might've been more enjoyable.

The Out and a-Trout dish consisted of sautéed exotic mushrooms on toast with braised leek, smoked trout and fresh tarragon. The trout was cooked well and had a lovely soft texture, however it was a little plain and didn't have much flavour. The sautéed mushrooms were great, with a good strong flavour that contrasted well with the trout, as was the leek with its lighter flavours. The egg was also a little overcooked in this dish - but as all the eggs in our dishes were like this, perhaps this is the way they are all done at The Pour Kids. The bread ensured you were sufficiently full, but it did become quite soggy in the middle and had a hard crust that was difficult to cut into.

Despite little things in each dish that weren't perfect, I'd like to visit this cafe again to try some of their other dishes, especially the build your own breaky option or some of the sandwiches from the lunch menu. The prices are all very decent considering the portions, and it never gets too crowded that you'd have to wait very long for a table - we didn't have to wait at all on Saturday around 11/12.

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