Simon's Peiking Duck, Box Hill South

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Simon's Peiking Duck is a very famous Asian restaurant in Box Hill South, best known for its Peking Duck dishes. It's located in a little shopping strip on Middleborough Road a little past Canterbury Road, close to Officeworks and Bunning's Warehouse. The best way to get to Simon's Peiking Duck is by car, or by bus 733/735.

The restaurant is very brightly lit with chinese paintings on the walls, and the atmosphere was very lively as there were quite a few customers when we were there. It was surprisingly full for a weeknight, which goes to show how popular it is. I was also surprised at the service, as most Asian restaurants aren't known for it. The staff were really warm and friendly, though we had to tell them three times that we wanted some water. When they did bring the water out, they also poured it for us, something else I wasn't expecting. The food also came out really fast, almost straight after we ordered, and you could watch as Simon himself cut the duck into pieces for each table.

As the restaurant is best known for its duck, naturally this was what we ordered - if you are going for the duck set menu, it'll be best to let them know that you want to order a duck when you make your reservation. There are two sittings for dinner - at 6 and 8pm. The duck set menu has two options for $55 and $63 respectively, which cooks the duck three ways. The difference is that Option 1 (for $55) has stir fried bean shoot with duck meat as one of the dishes, whereas option 2 has duck meat stir fried with a noodle of your choice. They suggest that one duck be shared between two or three people, and between three of us, we found the portion was just right.

We went with option 2, which consisted of 15 pieces of duck skin, duck meat stir fried in a hand made noodle, and a duck bone soup with bean curd. The duck skin (which isn't actually just duck skin, it also has meat on it) came with spring onion, cucumber and a special plum sauce, wrapped in home made Asian style pancakes. When this dish is first served, Simon wraps it for you in this cool technique, which I thought was really great because I've never really known what's the best way to wrap the duck without everything falling out! The pancake was lovely and thin, but still strong enough to hold together the rest of the ingredients, and the duck skin was crispy and not too oily. The plum sauce was sweet and slightly acidic, which together with the spring onion and cucumber, balanced out the duck really well. The spring onion and cucumber also give the dish the crunchy textures.

We chose to have the second dish of the stir fried duck meat in a hand made noodle, though you could also have it with thin or thick rice noodle, or with egg noodles. The dish also consisted of enoki mushrooms, thin slices of bamboo shoots and chopped garlic. I was expecting the noodle to be on the soft side based on the presentation, but it did have some elasticity, like a chewier version of udon noodles. This was a really enjoyable dish with different textures from the duck meat, the chewy mushrooms and the noodles.

The duck soup had lots of herbs and bones, so I was surprised that it was slightly on the bland side. Perhaps as it hadn't had time to really simmer, but there wasn't much flavour in this soup at all, and this was probably my least favourite out of the three dishes.

For all three of us, the first dish was the most enjoyable. The price is pretty decent considering the duck is cooked three ways for you, and there's a good portion of each dish. Looking around, most of the customers did order the duck set menu, though they also have a range of other chinese dishes. Definitely worth a try for some great Peking Duck!

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  1. I'm always on the lookout for Peking Duck. Thanks for sharing.


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