Tall Timber, South Yarra

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Tall Timber is a famous brunch cafe in South Yarra on Commercial Rd, easily accessible by tram 72 with lots of parking available on the side streets. It's quite a decently priced cafe that is always full of people, so be prepared for at least a fifteen minute wait for a table. This cafe has quite a good range of vegetarian options which is why I chose to visit it, as my friend is vegetarian and some cafes don't have that much of a variety to cater for vegetarians.

We went on a Sunday for brunch around 12pm, and waited about fifteen minutes for a table. There's seating both inside and in the courtyard behind the cafe itself, as well as a few seats outside for people who are waiting for a table. We chose to sit inside the cafe, which felt really spacious despite it being very busy and filled with people, and wasn't squashed at all. The cafe is quite brightly lit, with the white walls giving it a simplistic feel. There's not much decorations on the walls apart from some listings of special dishes, though behind counter there were lots of jars and wooden shelves.  However, as it was filled with people, it got quite noisy and we found that even with just two people, we had to raise our voices to hear each other clearly. 

Breakfast is served all day, and the lunch menu begins at 12pm.There's not many options on the lunch menu, but there's also sandwiches on display. My friend and I both chose dishes from the breakfast menu; the Roast Pumpkin Bruschetta ($15.50) and the Timber Benedict ($18). I also ordered an organic orange juice ($5). The juice was nice and refreshing with a hint of acidity so it wasn't too sweet, and came out pretty quickly. The food came after about a fifteen minute wait.

The Roast Pumpkin Bruschetta dish also consisted of poached eggs, feta, hummus, and seed & nut dukkah on a quinoa loaf. Overall the dish was was really enjoyable; the pumpkin was really flavoursome and smooth, the hummus nice and garlicky and the poached eggs were cooked perfectly. The sweetness of the pumpkin with the saltiness of the feta and the slight spiciness of the hummus and dukkah made for a really great combination of flavours and textures. The portion was just right, though the quinoa loaf was a bit overdone, and hard to cut into.

The Timber Benedict consisted of slow cooked pork shoulder, poached eggs and apple cider hollandaise on sourdough toast. The use of apple cider hollandaise sauce as opposed to just the usual hollandaise sauce went really well with the pulled pork to give it a little 'zing', as apple and pork is always a great combination. The pulled pork itself was a little dry, but there was a very generous portion of it in the dish. The cucumber julienne and watercress added crunch to the dish, and made it very refreshing. The toast was also a little hard to cut into, but was good in that it didn't become soggy despite all the other elements of the dish on top of it. The dish was hearty with a good portion that left me feeling quite full at the end. 

I had a pretty good experience here and would recommend coming, especially if you're vegetarian as they have a good range compared to a lot of other cafes!

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