Urban Provedore, South Yarra

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Urban Provedore is a relatively new cafe on Toorak Rd just before Chapel St, about a five minute walk from South Yarra station on the Sandringham/Frankston lines. It places emphasis on great quality products whether you eat in or take away, and great tasting and fresh dishes. I really like the message of Urban Provedore, "Just because you live a city life, shouldn't mean you miss out on the finest provincial produce available".

The cafe is very brightly lit, with large windows at the front allowing lots of natural light to also enter. The layout of the cafe gives it a very spacious, wide feel and the atmosphere is relaxed yet animated and lively, even though it's quite busy with people constantly coming in and out. There's a simple, minimalistic feel to the cafe - there aren't any decorations on the walls, but one side is filled with products that can be purchased. The service was really great; the staff were friendly and attentive, but not overbearing. We were waiting for one of our friends to arrive, and multiple staff came over to ask if we were ready to order.

We went at 10am on a Saturday and were lucky enough to sit at one of the booths to one side. By about 10:30, it had already become quite busy and filled with people, but there's enough seating that you don't really have to wait long for a table. The breakfast menu runs until 3pm every day, and there's a good range of sweet and savoury dishes, as well as drinks. There's also a range of pastries and lunch menu items (sandwiches and salads) in the display cabinet at the counter. The dishes we ordered were the organic porridge ($14), scrambled eggs on toast with extras ($10 + $9) and the Spanish baked eggs ($18). We also ordered orange juice ($4.50) and one of my friends also got a cappuccino ($3.80). The orange juice came in a bottle, but was poured into a glass when bought to the table. It was a bit more sour than I expected and there was no pulp, but it was nice and refreshing, and balanced out the heavier flavours from our breakfast dishes.

The organic porridge came with caramelised banana, leatherwood honey and a cinnamon-pistachio crust. It had a really creamy and smooth texture, and was slightly sticky. This contrasted nicely with the crunch from the pistachio, which actually felt a little too sweet, like it had been candied, though the herbs on top of the porridge for garnish did help to balance out the sweet flavour. There was a good amount of banana to match to porridge, and the portion was just right and didn't leave you feeling too full by the end.

The extras my friend got with the scrambled eggs were avocado ($3), grilled chorizo ($4) and tomato chutney ($2). The eggs were cooked perfectly and nice and fluffy, with a bit of parsley folded into it for extra flavour. The chutney had just the right amount of sweetness to it to not be overpowering, and balanced out the saltiness of the chorizo and the creamy avocado. We initially felt that the chorizo was a little pricey given you only get half a chorizo for $4, but you were left feeling surprisingly full by the end of the meal. It was a good quality chorizo though, and not too salty or spicy.

The Spanish baked eggs came with house baked beans, chorizo, smoked ham hock, braised tomato and chilli, and was served with two pieces of sourdough toast in a cute little basket on the side. The eggs were cooked perfectly, with the yolk running out when cut into, and there was a good portion of beans that it didn't feel like it was the main element of the dish. There was a really generous portion of ham hock in the dish, and its stringy texture and slightly salty flavour gave the dish that extra something, which was really enjoyable. I couldn't actually taste any chilli/spiciness in the baked eggs, and the toast was slightly salty even when you dipped it in the baked eggs - this is where the orange juice came in well. The dish was really hearty and quite a large portion - I was feeling quite full by the end of the meal, which I was surprised about as the portion looked the same as most other cafes, when you look at it initially.

We had a really enjoyable experience here at Urban Provedore, and will definitely be coming back again some time to try some of their other dishes. The menu does state that it's the winter menu, so there'll probably be some new dishes to look forward to, now that Spring is underway. Definitely recommend coming for a nice, relaxing brunch experience.

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