Two Lost Boys, Windsor

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Two Lost Boys is a cafe in Windsor just off Chapel Street, right opposite Windsor Station on the Sandringham line and also easily accessible by tram 78. I decided to visit this cafe after browsing for good cafes around the Toorak/South Yarra/Windsor area on Urbanspoon, and came across this one with quite good reviews. I was quite happy with my experience here, and would definitely like to come back again to try some of the other dishes.

The layout of the cafe gives it a wide, spacious feel, with a communal table to one side near the entrance and long benches facing the exterior of the cafe, that expand out into the main seating area. We went at around 11:45am on a Saturday and luckily didn't have to wait for a table. For most of the time we were there it wasn't packed with people but there were always a few tables of customers which together with the music playing softly in the background and the sounds of coffee being made, made for a great, lively but not too noisy atmosphere. The decorations at Two Lost Boys is quite simple and has a minimalistic feel to it. There's just a few lights hung on the walls, giving the whole cafe a brightness to it.

Breakfast is served all day, and the lunch menu begins at 11:30am on all days of the week. One of the reasons why I chose to come to Two Lost Boys was the fact that they had some interesting items on their menu, and not just your average breakfast dishes. Both my friend and I ordered dishes from the breakfast menu; a Stuffed Mushroom dish ($16.50) and the Two Lost Boys fritters ($17). We also got an orange juice and a chai latte (both $4), which came quite quickly after we had ordered it. The orange juice was refreshing and full of pulp; a little on the sweet side when had by itself but great for balancing out the savoury flavours of my breakfast dish. The chai latte was good, but my friend felt it wasn't quite sweet enough, even for someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth. There was a good milkiness to it, but it could've also been a bit spicier as well.

The stuffed mushroom dish consisted of a ricotta stuffed mushroom with a poached egg, spinach, spiced breadcrumbs, prosciutto and peperonata, served on brioche bread. I really enjoyed this dish with all the different flavours and textures to it, in particular the mix of the prosciutto with the peperonata (an Italian style dish made from capsicum) and spinach. The ricotta stuffed mushroom was also really delicious, and there was a subtle lemon flavour to the ricotta which was unexpected but added that extra zing to the dish and helped enhance the natural flavours from both the ricotta and the mushroom. The breadcrumbs added texture with its slight crunch, though I didn't find it spicy at all. The brioche bread was also well done, but it was quite a thick slice and it would've been good to have something else to go with it like jam, as even though you could soak the egg yolk in it, it didn't really go through the whole piece of bread as it was so thick.

The fritter dish consisted of a sweet potato and beetroot fritter with house cured salmon carpaccio, spinach and horseradish & walnut cream, served with two poached eggs. The fritter had a really strong beetroot flavour to it, and mixed with the sweet potato, made for a really sweet base that might be a bit much unless you are a big fan of beetroot. Although there were other elements to the dish, it wasn't quite enough to balance out the sweet flavours from the rather thick fritter, and my friend found she had to add some salt to it to try and lighten that sweet flavour. The eggs were cooked perfectly though, and together with the smoked salmon and horseradish and walnut cream, did help to slightly balance out the fritter. However, the horseradish and walnut flavours couldn't really be tasted in the cream, though there was another strong flavour of some sort to it that was kind of like a stronger version of a hollandaise sauce.

I'd definitely recommend coming to Two Lost Boys for brunch if you're in the area. There's lots of great places to eat around Chapel Street, and this cafe is no different. The staff were also very friendly and the service was good - despite the cafe becoming quite full, we weren't asked to leave even after we'd finished our dishes and were just talking. I'll be coming back again some time in the future, most probably to try out the wagyu burger as I'm quite big fan of burgers, if you hadn't already figured that out from this blog! :)

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