I Love Pho 264, Richmond

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I Love Pho 264 is one of the best known pho places in Melbourne, located in Richmond on Victoria St just past Church St and easily accessible by trams 12, 78, 79 and 109. It's a family owned business that prides itself using the freshest ingredients and making its pho 'one to beat'. I Love Pho is opened 7 days a week, from 9am - 1030pm.

The interior design of the restaurant is quite simple, the walls are mostly decorated with the menu and specials, as well as photos of the staff with customers. It's really brightly lit, and the place is always filled with customers, giving the whole place a warm and lively atmosphere for a relaxing dining experience. I did find it slightly confusing that the menu didn't have prices on it, just the items, and after looking at the signs on the walls, realised written in a small sign was that all pho dishes come in three sizes; small ($8.50), medium ($9.50) or large ($10.50).

The pho dishes are mostly beef, and you can choose from a range of sections of beef to go with the slices, such as brisket, tendon, tripe, beef balls and ox tail. The dishes we got were the pho with sliced beef, beef and beef brisket, and the beef with beef balls. We also got prawn and pork spring rolls to share ($8.50) between the three of us. The spring rolls had really crispy skin with a good filling, though I felt that the pork ones had quite a bit of carrot in them, so the flavour was quite strong. The spring rolls also came with lettuce to wrap the spring roll in which gives it that extra crunch and refreshing taste, but unfortunately we found a couple of small bugs on the lettuce, which was quite off putting.

The pho itself was quite good, with the portion of pho to beef/beef balls/beef brisket being just the right amount. The meat was cooked perfectly, tender and not too tough to it. However, I did find the broth was quite oily to drink, so none of us finished it. Each table does come with tea on the side, which does help to wash down some of that oilyness, but it was still a bit much.

Despite being one of the best pho places in Melbourne, I didn't find anything particularly wow about the pho or other dishes here. Service was pretty good, with multiple staff coming to see if we were ready to order, and our food came out within ten minutes. It definitely wasn't the best pho I've had, and seeing the small bugs in the lettuce means I probably won't be coming here again.

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