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Father's Office is a restaurant and bar on Little Lonsdale Street in QV, next to Strike Bowling on the second floor. Most people would probably know it as a great place to go for drinks with friends, but they actually have quite a good range of foods as well. I decided to visit after a friend recommended the burgers, and another said their a la carte menu had quite good foods as well.

We went for lunch on a Saturday and had the option of sitting in either the restaurant or bar area, and opted for the bar as there were comfier couches. I was surprised at how empty it was as my friend had previously been on a weekday and found it filled with people, and having visited the place myself on a Friday night, found it to be really full as well. The interior design of the place is similar to most restaurant/bars - quite simple with not many decorations on the walls.

I was recommended to try the corporate lunch deals which run from 11am - 3pm (and were luckily available on weekends as well), in particular the burgers. For $15, you get burger and fries plus a drink of your choice, which is a pretty decent deal in my opinion. I decided on the pulled lamb burger with shoestring fries, and my friend ordered the pork belly burger with shoestring fries ($17). The corporate lunch deals also contain a range of salads and wings, and there's also an a la carte menu with a bigger range of sides, starters, seafood and meat dishes.

The pulled lamb burger came on a toasted brioche bun, with Napoli relish, melted Swiss Gruyere cheese and cos lettuce. I really enjoyed this burger and would even say it's one of the best ones that I've had in Melbourne. The pulled lamb was extremely juicy and flavoursome, having been slow cooked in the Napoli sauce, which gave the burger an Italian feel, combined with the melted cheese for an absolutely delicious combination of flavours. I would've perhaps liked to have more lettuce in the burger though, to help soak up the juices from the lamb and relish, which kept dripping onto the fries (but made for a surprisingly good sauce!).The brioche bun was lovely and soft, and didn't get soggy despite all the lamb and Napoli relish, which was really great.

The pork belly burger also came on a brioche bun, coated with dijonaise dressing, topped with an apple and pear compote and cos lettuce. The Victorian pork belly had a really nice crispy crackling that wasn't too hard to bite into, as can be the case on occasion. The pork itself however, was slightly chewy at times. The apple and pear compote complimented the pork belly really well, and you could taste the fruity flavours distinctively. The lettuce added an extra crunch and helped balance out the other flavours, and the brioche bun was really enjoyable, with a slight buttery taste to it. The amount of Dijon dressing was good as it wasn't too strong and worked well with the other elements of the burger; it can get quite overpowering if there's too much of it.

Though the menu stated that the burgers come with either shoestring fries or a mixed salad, we weren't actually given the option to choose (not that we minded because we would've gone with the fries anyway!). I really enjoyed the fries, as they were light and crunchy, even when eaten after the burger. It came with a garlic aioli dip that was really nice and not too strong in flavour, but they were also great by themselves as they had been seasoned with salt.

We did have to wait about ten minutes for our drinks to arrive even though there was only one other table of customers, and about fifteen minutes for the burgers themselves. Initially we were told that we had to order up at the bar, but as there weren't many customers the staff just came over and took our order, though it did take awhile to grab their attention. I think the prices are very decent for the large amount of fries and generous portion of burger, and would definitely recommend trying these burgers if you're around the QV/Melbourne Central area.

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