One Thai, Balwyn East

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One Thai is a Thai restaurant in Balwyn East, in the little shopping district on Belmore Road. It is probably easiest to get to by car, though the 302 bus towards the City will also stop in the shopping district. I decided to visit this restaurant after a friend recommended it, and was happy with my experiences.

One Thai is quite a well known restaurant in the area, and recently underwent some renovations, as there was an incident in October last year when a car actually drove into the restaurant and caused significant damages. The restaurant is very open and spacious, and brightly lit with the large windows and lights inside. There's no music playing in the background, but still a good, lively atmosphere from the chatter of people. We made a reservation for 6:30pm on a Friday, and I noticed that most of the smaller tables for groups of two to four people were reserved or occupied already during the time we were there. One Thai is only opened for dinner, but they have an online reservation system on their website, and you can also call in and leave reservation details on their answering machine.

Between three of us, we decided on an entree and three main dishes to share, as well as a small rice. We ended up ordering another rice, as the portion was quite small and wasn't quite filling enough. The entree we ordered was the Golden Bags ($8.50 for 5 pieces), and the three mains were the Green Curry with Beef ($18.50), the Musmun Curry with Chicken ($18.50) and the Pad Thai with Mixed Seafood ($16.50). The Golden Bags are small crispy golden bags that are stuffed with chicken mince and corn. Even though they are small in size, it is packed with flavour from the chicken mince and the natural sweetness of the corn. The top of the bag had a really crunchy texture, and the layer wrapping the filling was extremely thin but also crunchy. The dish came with sweet chilli sauce on the side, though I felt this wasn't really necessary as the bags themselves had enough flavour.

The Green Curry is a medium mild curry consisting of bamboo shoots, basil and mixed vegetables, cooked in a coconut milk. Because it is medium to mild, it may not be suited to people who can't really take spicy food. There was quite a lot of vegetables in this dish, such as red and green capsicums, baby corn and spring onion, and the curry had a good strong flavour. However, the beef itself was quite dry, even when you had it with the curry and rice, despite the slices being quite thin.

The Musmum Curry is made from a mild curry paste with tamarind sauce, cooked in coconut cream with potato, and topped with cashew nuts. The potatoes were well cooked and broke apart very easily when bit into, and you could really taste the coconut flavours throughout the curry. This curry is not spicy at all, so it well suited for those who can't really take the heat. There is also a good crunch texture to the curry, with the use of both onions and the cashew nuts on top. However, like the Green Curry, the chicken in the curry was a little dry to eat.

The Pad Thai consists of stir fried noodles with a house made pad thai sauce, ground peanut and bean sprouts, and you can choose to have it with either beef, chicken or seafood. The noodles were extremely flavoursome by themselves because of the house made sauce, which had a sweet and slightly sour tinge to it, and had good elasticity. There was lots of egg mixed in with the noodles, and apart from the bean shoots, there was also a small salad on the side of greens and cucumber slices, for a refreshing taste and to cleanse your palette. Although we ordered mixed seafood with our pad thai, it only came with prawns (both big and small ones) as well as slice squid pieces.

The service was quite good, the food came in less than fifteen minutes, and the staff were mostly quite friendly, though it took awhile to get their attention when we wanted to order. One thing to note though, we couldn't finish some of our mains and wanted to have it take away, and were told that the restaurant charges 50c for each take away box. Overall, I felt that One Thai was quite similar to most Thai places, and nothing about it was particularly special. However, if I was in the area again and was wanting Thai food, I would happily visit the restaurant again.

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