Tandoori Den, Camberwell

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Tandoori Den is quite a well known Indian restaurant in the Camberwell area, situated on Camberwell Road just past the junction. It is easily accessible by trams 70, 72, and 75, or is about a five to ten minute walk from Camberwell Station. We went on a weekday at 7, and by about 7:30 pm, the restaurant was getting quite full of people.

The interior of the restaurant had very simple but elegant designs, with Indian art on the walls and lights in Indian style lanterns. The atmosphere of the place was lively with the chatter from the different customers, and the large windows across one side of the restaurant gave it lots of natural bright light. There's actually a cool feature on the Tandoori Den website that actually gives you a virtual tour of the interior, so take a look and see for yourself.

The staff were very friendly and attentive, coming over several times as we were deciding what to eat to see if we wanted any drinks. During the meal as well, different members of staff came over to ask how our food was and if we wanted any more rice or naan to go with our dishes. Even when we were up at the counter paying at the end, the staff who served us asked if everything was satisfactory. The service was extremely fast, to the point where we were actually surprised at how soon the food was served. It wasn't even ten minutes after we ordered that the dishes came, and there was already quite a few tables of people in the restaurant at that time as well. 
The menu at Tandoori Den is quite extensive, with a large range of vegetarian, chicken, beef, lamb and seafood dishes, as well as entrees, desserts and sides. Between five of us, we decided on four dishes to share, as well as a large basmati saffron rice ($7.90) and naan ($3.00). The four dishes we decided on were the Butter Chicken ($18.90), the Lamb Rogan Josh ($18.90), the Garlic Chilli Beef ($20.90) and the Aloo Gobi ($16.90). Each table also came with crispy cracker style appetisers called Papadums, which could be dipped in a mint yoghurt sauce or a sweet and slightly sour sauce known as the tamarind sauce. The mint yoghurt dip was slightly sour but had strong mint flavours that made for a refreshing start to our meal.

The butter chicken consisted of chicken roasted in a Tandoor (a clay oven), cooked with tomato, butter cream and mild spices, and garnished with nuts. The chicken was very succulent and tender, and very flavoursome with all the different spices used in cooking it. This dish is not spicy at all, and is great to have with either rice or naan. Butter Chicken is one of my favourite Indian dishes, and I'd recommend it if you haven't tried much Indian cuisine before, as it gives you those strong flavours without too much of the heat. 

The lamb rogan josh consisted of lean pieces of lamb, cooked in an authentic curry sauce. Despite only consisting of lean pieces of lamb, the meat wasn't dry at all, and broke apart quite easily when cut into. The lamb was also very flavoursome, though I couldn't really taste the flavours of the lamb itself very much, as the sauce and spices were quite strong and overpowered it. 

The beef dish was made up of diced beef cooked with leek and the Chef's special sauce, and served on a hot sizzler. Although this dish didn't have a little chilli symbol next to it on the menu, we found that it was actually quite spicy, even when you had it with the rice or naan.  Again, this dish had good flavours, and the beef was tender. The celery made for an extra crunchy texture, and balanced the heavier meat flavours quite well. 

The Aloo Gobi is a potato and cauliflower dish that is tossed with tomato and ginger, and made with various spices. The cauliflower and potatoes were well cooked but not too soft and mushy, and was flavoursome, indicating it had been cooked for long enough for the spices to seep into the vegetables, but not too much that it ruined the texture of the vegetable itself.

The saffron rice and naan that we ordered went really well with all the dishes to balance out the strong flavours and ensured you were feeling full by the end. The dishes may not look like they are very big and you may initially feel that it will not be big enough portions, but surprisingly, you are feeling satiated at the very least by the end of the meal.

I quite enjoyed this dining experience at Tandoori Den, and would return again to try some of their other dishes. I would recommend this for anyone who is a fan of Indian cuisine, or wants to try it out as there is such an extensive menu that can cater for different preferences. Also a big thanks to my friend Nish for helping me with some of the details in this post :)

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