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The Beer and Burger Bar is located on Swan St in Richmond, about a five minute walk from Richmond Station and easily accessible by tram 70. I decided to visit this place after reading an article in The Age citing the top burger places in Melbourne, and can see why this burger joint made the list.

There's a great atmosphere to the place, and is great for winding down after a long day. There are a number of small tables and stools, as well as a larger communal table and sofas to one side near the entrance, and there's also seating for two outside the restaurant itself. The interior design is quite funky, with brick walls and graffiti such as the name of the lounge scribbled everywhere. Unlike most restaurants, TBBL does require you to go up and order your meal before finding your own seats, but the burgers are bought out to your table. We went around 6 on a Sunday night, and didn't have to wait very long for our orders to arrive. Each table comes with a range of sauces you can add to either your burger or sides, such as tabasco sauce, tomato sauce and BBQ sauce, to cater for different people's preferences.

The burgers we ordered were the Roast Pork Burger ($13) and the Cheeseburger ($10). We also ordered chips ($3.50) and onion rings ($6.50) as sides to share. There's a good range of burgers with all types of meat bases, as well as a vegetarian one, a salmon one and a game burger depending on the special that has been chosen. There's also a large range of beers to choose from for decent prices, though we didn't actually order any ourselves. TBBL also has a variety of 'sides of the months' that you can order from besides the sides displayed on the menu, but we decided to go with the more traditional ones. 

The pork burger consisted of grilled pineapple, apple relish, Asian slaw and salted pork scratching. The pineapple had a nice sweetness to it that complimented the salted pork nicely, and the coleslaw was light, adding texture and nice a crunch to the burger. The pulled pork itself was lovely and tender with the perfect amount of salt to bring out the pork flavours but not dominate the burger. However, I couldn't really taste apple relish flavours in the burger - it just tasted quite sweet. 

The cheeseburger consisted of a beef patty, cheese, tomato jam, mustard and gherkin. My friend ordered the cheeseburger without the gherkins, which they were happy to oblige as all orders are made on the spot. The beef patty was actually medium rare- slightly pink in the middle, which was a nice surprise. The cheese was fully melted onto the patty and had even become slightly gooey in bits. However, the use of dijon mustard was a bit strange, especially the aftertaste that seem to come with it; it was somewhat spicy, like wasabi, and not very pleasant. This however could just be due to a personal preference.

The onion rings we ordered as a side had a nice batter that was crunchy and quite thin. The onion itself didn't have the raw onion taste that is so strong, which was a plus, as that flavour can be quite overpowering. The onion rings came with aioli and relish on the side, but I personally felt you didn't really need it, because there was sufficient flavour and texture by itself. It was good however, that it came with the sauces, at no extra cost.   

The fries also had a good crunch to it, and the seasoning that TBBL had used was very tasty, even though you couldn't see it on the fry. There was the option of choosing either aioli or gravy as a dip, and we chose the aioli, though it didn't taste very strongly of garlic, just more like mayonnaise. Like the onion rings, the fries themselves had enough flavour that the sauce wasn't really necessary, in my opinion.

What was great about our burgers was that the buns didn't go soggy despite the large amounts of ingredients on it. As stated on the menu, all burgers use a brioche bun, except for the vegetarian burger which uses an olive ciabatta roll. There was also a quirky little element to the dish of a fried onion ring on each burger, which I thought was really great.

I would definitely visit TBBL again in the future to try some of their other burgers, and perhaps some of the specials side of the month. For the prices you pay, the portions are quite decent, and it's definitely a great place to catch up with friends for a meal. 

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  1. Oh wow. Love ur pictures. I'd love to try them. Which one do you recommend?

    1. I really liked the pork one I had, but I guess it depends what type of meat you like best. The lamb one is also quite good I've heard.


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