Nakorn Siam, Balwyn

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Nakorn Siam is a Thai restaurant located in the little shopping district in Balwyn on Belmore Road, close to Balwyn Rd and Whitehorse Rd. It's quite a popular restaurant in the area, and both times I've been, the restaurant has been almost full of customers, whether it be on a weekday or weekend. Nakorn Siam is only opened for dinner, and I'd strongly advise to make a reservation if you're thinking of going. They do take reservations during the day even though they're not opened.

This time I went at around 6pm when they just opened, and there was already 3-4 tables of customers. The restaurant has been set up so the space feels quite open and spacious, yet the interior designs give it a nice, homely atmosphere that is Thai inspired. You can hear the sounds of the kitchen along with the chatter from customers and the staff conversing, which further adds to the comfortable atmosphere. The service was pretty good, with friendly staff who came to ask how our dishes were half way through the meal, and if we wanted more rice.

Between four of us, we ordered two entrees and three mains, as well as steamed rice and coconut rice. Like all other Thai places, most main dishes give you the option of having it with vegetables and tofu, chicken, beef, pork or seafood. The two entrees we ordered were the Coconut Prawns (4 pieces for $8.90) and the Chicken Satays (4 pieces for $8.90), and the three mains were the Chicken Pad Thai ($12.90), the Vegetarian Green Curry ($15.90) and the Yellow Curry with Beef ($16.90).

The coconut prawns had a thin layer of shredded coconut batter, and was served with a sweet chilli mayonnaise sauce. The batter had a great coconut taste that wasn't too strong, and went well with the sweet chilli mayonnaise for extra flavour.

The chicken satays were marinated in a range of mild turmeric spices, and served with a peanut sauce. The chicken itself was slightly dry, perhaps having been grilled for too long, but it was very flavoursome. The sauce was full of peanut flavour and had a lovely smooth texture, adding a bit of sweetness to the dish. There was a bit of inconsistency with the size of pieces however, as some were big and others were smaller. 

The pad thai consisted of stir fried thin rice noodles with egg, bean shoots, spring onions, tofu and crushed peanuts, garnished with coriander and chinese chives. The chicken pieces were a little too big, and it would've been nice had it been cut into smaller pieces. The noodles had a very slippery, smooth texture and good elasticity. This dish is not spicy at all, and is one of the most traditional Thai dishes, so I'd definitely recommend trying it. Despite the description of what was in the dish, our pad thai didn't actually have any tofu or coriander garnishing on top for some reason.

The yellow curry is a medium to mild curry that is cooked in coconut milk, yellow curry paste with a hint of turmeric, and also contains potato, carrot and onion. It had a good sweetness to it, with good coconut taste. The beef was cooked quite well, falling apart when bit into, though it was a little dry by itself. The potato, onion, and carrot was full of flavour, and this curry is good for those who want to try curry but can't really take the heat.

The green curry is a traditional spicy curry cooked with coconut milk and green curry paste, with bamboo shoots, mixed vegetables and sweet basil. There's definite heat to this curry dish, so if you like spicy food, this is the curry for you. The vegetables and tofu were all packed with flavour, and like the yellow curry, there was a great coconut flavour to the dish.

We decided to order both steamed rice and coconut rice to go with our curry dishes, but in my opinion the steamed rice was probably the better option. By itself, the coconut rice was great, with the sweetness of the coconut flavour, but added to the curry, it became a bit too sweet for my liking. The portions we got however, were just right, and the steamed rice serving for two came in a really funky pot.

Overall, the dishes were of good portions that left you feeling surprisingly full, despite the sizes looking a bit small initially. Prices aren't too bad for such portions, and I thought it was a pretty good experience in general. Would encourage you to try it if you're in the area!

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