Firechief Pizza, Camberwell

Firechief Pizza is a pizzeria located in Camberwell, across the road from Rivoli Cinemas on Camberwell Road. It's about a five minute walk from the tram 70 or 75 stop at Camberwell Junction, and is opened for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Although it's not very big, the high ceilings give the feeling that it's a very spacious, open area, and there's a comfortable, family like atmosphere to the place.

We went on a weekday at around 6pm, having booked a table in advance as my friend had heard that it did get quite busy even on weekdays. It did become relatively busy for a weekday while we were there, but there's quite a lot of tables so if you're there around 6-630, you should be okay even if you don't make a booking. The service was not bad, but not great either. The staff were friendly, but it did take awhile to catch their attention when we wanted to order, even though it wasn't busy at all when we went. 

There's a great range of pizzas to choose from, categorised into authentic Italian pizzas, artisan hand style pizzas, and Australian family style pizzas. There's also a good variety of salads, sides, and main dishes such as chicken and pork ones. We decided to go with a lamb pizza ($23) and a chickpea salad ($12) to share between two, as the pizzas are quite large and would probably be too much for one person.

The lamb pizza consisted of Italian crushed tomato, 8 hour braised lamb, goats cheese, toasted almonds, fresh parsley and mint. It didn't have a strong, overpowering lamb flavour, and was soft and tender, having been braised for so long. It would've been nice to have more lamb bits in the pizza though, given how much the pizza cost. You could taste the mint flavour in every bite, which was refreshing and balanced out the stronger flavours of the lamb and cheese. The toasted almonds sprinkled on top gave the pizza extra texture, and also helped to balance flavours. The lamb pizza was thin crusted, and did feel like the ingredients were going to cause slices to collapse, but it held together well and didn't become soggy, which was good. 

The warm sauteed chickpea salad came with lemon spinach and natural yoghurt, and in my opinion was a little overpriced for the amount that we got. The chickpeas felt a bit oily, and there wasn't enough spinach and yoghurt to balance it out. Surprisingly, the natural yoghurt wasn't too sour, perhaps because there wasn't a very large portion of it, so the little bit you had with the chickpeas and spinach was okay.    

There's a good range of pizzas to choose from at Firechief Pizza, but I felt that the quality of the pizza didn't reflect the prices set. Even side dishes and salads are a bit expensive, and you can easily find cheaper and similar or better quality pizzas elsewhere in Camberwell.

PS. Sorry about the quality of the photos in this post- the lighting in Firechief was quite dark, and I've done the best I can do edit them into something a bit more decent!

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