Su:t & Wine, Box Hill

Su:t & Wine is a Korean BBQ restaurant located on Whitehorse Road in Box Hill, about a five to ten minute walk from the station. If you know where Dessert Story is in Box Hill, it's on that same stretch of restaurants. This was my second time to Su:t, and like the first, I was quite happy with the overall service and quality of the food. 

The staff were friendly and very attentive- in particular, as I was waiting for my friend to arrive, I had two different staff come and ask if I wanted anything to drink. Also, we were asked if we wanted second helpings of the side dishes as soon as we had finished with the first, which was also great. There was a mix of K-Pop and mainstream music playing in the background, which I was actually a bit surprised by, as I would've thought it would be all Korean music like most other Korean BBQ restaurants. There's a good atmosphere to the restaurant- it's very lively and there's constant sounds of sizzling from customers having BBQ. The good thing about Su:t is that you don't leave with much of the smokey smells lingering on your clothing, as I discovered the first time I went.

The two dishes we ordered included a vegetarian bibimbap ($14.90), and a spicy seafood rice cake dish ($19.90). All orders at Su:t come with three side dishes, which vary from time to time, but always include Kim Chi. I really like the Kim Chi at Su:t, because you can still taste the original flavours of the cabbage itself, even with all the spices and flavours it has been marinated in. The other two that we had were a sweet soy sauce glazed potato dish, as well as a pickled radish dish. I really like the potato dish, as it went really well with both of our main courses, and balanced out the flavours when it became too spicy. The pickled radish was also good, with sour, tangy flavours that again, helped to defuse the heat from spice. It also added a nice crunchy texture overall, with the way it was sliced into thin slices.

The vegetarian bibimbap consisted of an assortment of vegetables with rice and an egg on a sizzling stone bowl, and was served with chilli paste on the side. There was a good amount of sauce that ensured all the rice was covered, and the variety of vegetables was good. Overall, this dish was quite average, just like any bibimbap from a Korean restaurant.

The spicy seafood rice cakes also came with assorted vegetables, and included baby octopus, calamari, prawns, mussels, clams and fish cakes. It was a decent variety of seafood, and the portion is pretty good considering its price. The octopus was a little chewy to eat, but the calamari was nice and soft. The rice cakes themselves were quite spicy and had good elasticity, though they were a little on the sweeter side than what I am usually used to eating. Definitely would recommend this dish if you visit Su:t. One little tidbit to note though, if you're not much of a seafood fan, seeing the baby octopus can be a little intimidating. They don't actually cut it up at all, so you basically see a whole mini octopus on the plate. But it does taste really good though!

This is a great Korean restaurant among all the other Asian cuisines you can find at Box Hill, and would be a good place for BBQ if you're in the area. It's similar to most Korean BBQ restaurants in Melbourne, but the service is pretty good and prices in general aren't too bad.

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