The Hatter and the Hare, Bayswater

For those living out in the eastern suburbs (or those who would be willing to travel for food!), The Hatter and the Hare is a must visit cafe, with its ‘Instagram worthy’ set up and Alice in Wonderland inspired food. The cafe is located on Scoresby Rd in Bayswater, about a ten minute walk from Bayswater Station and a few different bus routes. It’s definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing cafes I’ve been to, with its themed decor such as a pink phone booth decorated with lights near the entrance, a large red car decked out in greenery behind the communal table to one side, and a pastel blue piano adorned with flowers to another.


The menu at the Hatter and the Hare had a good variety to choose from, all with Alice in Wonderland theming names like the decor, with a mix of classic dishes and modern asian fusion, and there’s also a big range of cakes and pastries at the counter to choose from. Service was really good; we were initially told it would be a 20 minute wait for a table but ended up getting one in less than ten, and there’s a lot of staff on hand so you never have to wait too long to get someone’s attention. We managed to get seated right in front of the area where the cakes and desserts were being made behind large glass windows, which was also really interesting to watch.

The two dishes we got were the Benedictine Adventure ($26) and the Knave of Heart’s Treat ($22). The eggs benedict dish consisted of a mac n cheese waffle with a BBQ beef brisket, celeriac and apple remoulade, pickled cucumber, poached eggs, and a chipotle hollandaise sauce. Everything in the dish balanced out well so it wasn’t too heavy, though the waffle did get a bit soggy underneath all the different elements of the dish, but still tasted delicious with the mac n cheese inside. The pickled cucumber, celery and apple mixed throughout gave the dish a nice acidic touch and cut through the brisket nicely, and the chipotle hollandaise added a spiciness to the dish as well.

The fried French toast dish came with cinnamon sugar, cream cheese, raspberry jam, strawberry textures and a butterscotch latte ice cream, and was a little heavy so good to share between people. The butterscotch latter ice cream was definitely the highlight for me with its strong, rich flavours in ice cream form (who doesn't love ice cream!). The French toast itself was full of flavour with a light dusting of cinnamon sugar on the outside, and the fruit bits scattered in the dish gave it some acidity, though maybe a bit more was needed to balance it all out.

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