Enter Neighbour, Camberwell

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the new tapas/wine bar menu at Enter Neighbour, which has recently branched out to opening on Friday and Saturday nights in addition to their offering of brunch 7 days a week. The restaurant is just off the corner of Toorak and Camberwell Roads, easily accessible by trams 70 and 75 or a short walk from Burwood train station (Alamein Line).

The restaurant itself is cosy, with an indoor seating area as well as a courtyard at the back. The decor is quite minimalistic, with greenery adorning the walls and entrance, and upbeat music playing in the background. The tapas menu isn’t super extensive, but it’s designed to be a grazing experience; a place to catch up with friends and family, in a setting that is not as formal as a restaurant style sit down. My attention was immediately drawn to the cheese platters on the menu, and it was definitely the highlight of the experience!

The cheese platter come in servings for one, two or three people, ranging from $15-$36. On top of this, the other dishes we ordered were polenta chips ($15), salsicce ($14.50), a green salad ($10) and the nanban chicken tenders ($16.50). The crispy rosemary and parmesan polenta chips came with a truffle aioli on the side, which gave the chips a good kick of flavour. The chips themselves were nice and crisp on the outside, and had more moisture than usual polenta chips I’ve had, which can get quite dry and crumbly due to the way it’s processed. 

The salsicce (pork and fennel sausages) were topped with an Italian balsamic dressing, and served with rocket and tomatoes on the side. The sausages themselves had a good strong flavour though were a little dry, so the salad was a nice balance to give it some acidity, especially with the tomatoes and balsamic dressing. The portion was quite big for a tapas, so is a bit more filling than some of the other dishes we had.

The green salad consisted of sautéed green beans and broccolini, with almond flakes and cheese sprinkled on top. It had a good crunch to it, and personally felt like it was much needed as everything else we ordered was full of meat! The almond flakes in particular were a nice touch on the top for added texture.

The fried chicken tenders were glazed in a Japanese nanban sauce, served with pickles and an aioli dip on the side. They were extremely soft and tender with a strong flavour that was slightly on the sweet side, but balanced out well with the creamy aioli and pickles for acidity. 

For the cheese platter, which came with water crackers, blueberries, strawberries, walnuts and quince on the side, you could choose one to three of the four types of cheeses to go with, depending on which platter you chose. For the platter for two, we went with the brique d’affonoise and the English cheddar. The cheese platter is one of the most generous ones I’d seen, and definitely great value for money - it felt like we got a whole packet of crackers to go with our dish! The strawberries and blueberries were juicy and sweet, and the walnuts had honey drizzled over them for extra flavour that balanced it out well.

There’s also a very extensive drinks menu at Enter Neighbour (including a range of house made cocktails), all personally made by the owner, Jack. We ordered a few of the house cocktails which had a good variety of strong, sweet, fruity etc, including one that had Persian fairy floss on the top which was probably my favourite of the night!

A great place to go to wind down for the work week or relax and hang out on a Saturday night, it's obvious that a lot of heart and effort has been put into making the whole experience really enjoyable, from the tapas menu to the drinks and whole ambiance. Massive thank you again to Jack and the team for the invite :)

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