Sash, Windsor

Sash is a contemporary Japanese fusion restaurant on Chapel St, close to Mr Miyagi and Hawker Hall and easily accessible by trams 6, 78 or the Prahran and Windsor Stations. The restaurant is known as a pizza bar and has influences from Hawaii and Peru for a really cool mix of dishes and flavour combinations.

The whole restaurant has a very modern vibe to it, with dim lighting and upbeat music playing. The cocktail bar takes up a lot of the front section and is definitely the most eye catching, with a cool sign in blue neon light across the back wall and low wooden beams hanging from the ceiling. This section is made up of tables for four or more in high stools, and we had no issues getting a table on a weeknight despite no booking around 7pm. The staff were friendly and attentive, and the food arrived super quickly, with less than ten minutes of ordering.

The menu has a great range of Japanese fusion dishes consisting of pizzas, tacos and sushi as well as a range of mains, sides and desserts. The dishes we went with were the pork belly sliders ($7 each), the sake buttermilk chicken nuggets ($16) and the duck rice pizza ($22) to share between three people. The menu has a great range of vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free options (or the ability to make a dish DF/GF), to cater for different dietary requirements.

The sliders consisted of slow roasted sticky pork belly with pickled cucumber, sriracha mayo and honey hoisin sauce in a steamed bun. The pork belly was extremely soft with a slight sweetness to it from the honey hoisin, with the pickled cucumber giving it that crisp freshness and the spicy sriracha mayo to bring it all together really nicely.

The sake buttermilk chicken nuggets were served with chipotle wasabi salt and maple syrup, and was definitely my favourite dish of the night. The nuggets were flavoursome by themselves though I couldn't really taste the sake at all, but served with the maple syrup took it to the next level, and the mixture of chipotle and wasabi spices gave it a really great hit. Similar to the breakfast dish of waffles and fried chicken, the sweet syrup with the savoury fried chicken made for a great combination of flavours, though was very messy to eat for sure!

The shisho duck rice pizza was made up of a crispy rice base, served with twice cooked confit duck, shisho (a type of herb), cauliflower creme, garlic roast mushrooms, honey hoisin and a yuzu aioli. The use of rice for the base of the pizza made for a texture that was a lot crispier and harder than your typical doughy base, but was great because it allowed all the other elements of the dish to not fall off due to the base being too thin. The confit duck was cooked nicely with strong natural flavours, and the roasted mushroom that sat on top gave it extra sweetness along with the honey hoisin and aioli sauce. The portion was a little smaller than I expected given the price, but still an enjoyable dish nonetheless.

The menu at Sash is designed to be shared, and they also have a Feed Me option for those that can't decide what to get. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area or are looking for something different to the usual fusion style restaurants!

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10 

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