High Society, Armadale

Last weekend, I was invited to High Society in Armadale for a blogger review, a popular cafe that is located on High St, in the bridal district of Armadale. The cafe is easily accessible by tram 6 and there's plenty of parking on the side streets. The cafe went through new ownership late last year, but is still a popular brunch spot in the area.

The decor at High Society is simple and minimalistic, spacious and bright with the white walls and natural light coming in from the front. Apart from seating inside the cafe, there's a courtyard out the back, as well as in front of the cafe, lined with a white picket fence and white wooden chairs and tables. The staff were friendly though as we sat outside, at times it took awhile to get their attention, and our food came in about fifteen minutes.

The menu at High Society isn't very extensive but there's still a good range to choose from, as well as the choice of gluten or dairy free options for those with allergies or intolerances. The dishes we went with were the chilli scrambled eggs ($15.90) and the green bowl ($18), as well as a hot chocolate ($4.50) and the tropical super smoothie ($11.50). The hot chocolate was just the right amount of sweetness and not too milky, though it was extremely hot when it came and I almost burnt myself on it! The smoothie consisted of banana, lychee, mango, pineapple, coconut milk and white chia seeds, and had really great fruity flavours that weren't watered down, in particular the mango came through really nicely. The smoothie was quite rich and wasn't too sweet.

The chilli scrambled eggs were served with chorizo, feta, spring onion, hot sauce and confit roasted roma tomatoes served on toast. The feta and chorizo were folded really nicely into the eggs and gave it a subtle salty kick, balacing out really well with the roasted tomatoes. The eggs themselves could've had a bit more chilli/hot sauce in them - I found myself adding pepper for added heat - but the portion was good and it was almost better not being too creamy or fluffy that most cafes make, otherwise would've been a bit too filling.

The green bowl consisted of blanched and sauteed broccolini with kale, green beans, baby spinach, dukkah and nuts, with feta, smashed avo and a poached egg on multigrain toast. We also got salmon on the side ($5), or you could add poached chicken or bacon to it as well. The mixture of greens used was really delicious, even with only oil as a dressing which actually brought out the natural flavours nicely. The salmon on the side really brought the whole dish together (personally, I felt that it would've been lacking something if a protein wasn't added), and was really fresh; not salty or fishy, and a generous amount. It would've been good to get a lemon wedge or the like on the side for some acidity (we actually saw that another table that ordered the same thing had the lemon wedge in their dish), and the dukkah and nuts gave it an added texture that was different to the crunch from the greens. There was a good amount of feta to give it extra flavour, though it wasn't overpowering which was good.

It was a really enjoyable experience at High Society, and definitely worth going if you're in the area. Highly recommend sitting outside on a nice sunny day, a perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon. Big thank you to Steffi and the team for the invite!

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10

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