Hawthorn Common, Hawthorn

5/14/2017 , 0 Comments

Hawthorn Common is a popular cafe located in the Glenferrie Road shopping/eating precinct, a short walk from Glenferrie Station and easily accessible by tram 16. The restaurant is located on the second floor with a balcony/terrace area, and as well as breakfast/lunch dining, is available for catering and hosting functions.

The interior of the cafe was a lot larger than I expected, with a very open, bright space partially due to the floor to ceiling windows in place. The use of white and pale wooden throughout the cafe contrasted with the vibrant green plants to give a comfortable, summery aesthetic. The atmosphere was very lively, busy with crowds of people, but not loud enough that you had to raise your voice to speak to each other.

There's a good range of breakfast and lunch dishes at Hawthorn Common, and there's also a display cabinet full of pastries and baked goods. My friend and I both went with the Sauteed Mushroom dish ($19) from the breakfast menu, though there were definitely a lot of other options that I was tempted to go with!

The Sauteed Mushrooms consisted of toasted brioche, poached eggs, roasted almond crumble and truffle oil. The portion was very generous, and left you feeling quite full. The natural flavours of the mushroom and truffle oil came through well, but overall the dish felt like it was lacking flavour, and needed salt or some kind of other element to really bring it together. The almond crumble made for a good crunchy texture in contrast to the brioche and the mushrooms, but again, was a little bland. The brioche wasn't sweet like most that I've had; it had a subtle garlic hues to it that reminded me of garlic bread, but without all the oil you'd usually have.

A cafe with great ambience, Hawthorn Common is a perfect place for a gathering, in particular the terrace areas with the large umbrellas to soak up the sunshine!

Ambience: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 7/10


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