Smith and Daughters, Fitzroy

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Smith and Daughters is a vegan restaurant in Fitzroy on Brunswick St, easily accessible by tram 11 and close to a number of other popular eateries. It's opened by the same people who own the also vegan Smith and Deli (also in Fitzroy), which is best known for their sandwiches and of course, range of deli produces.

The interior of Smith and Daughters is quite spacious, with large windows allowing plenty of natural light to enter. There's a rustic feel with the stone and brick walls, and the back wall is adorned with a range of framed artwork that gives the place an edgy vibe. Although there are a lot of tables, the open space doesn't make you feel cramped at all, and there wasn't any need to raise our voices particularly when talking, even with the music and chatter in the background. The staff were attentive and there wasn't too long of a wait for our food when we went on a Sunday afternoon. As we didn't book a table, we had the option of sitting at the bar or the communal table, so if you're after your own space, it's best to call in advance.

There's a brunch menu as well as a dinner menu at Smith and Daughters, which we didn't actually realise until we got there. I'm one of those people who like to see what's on the menu before I go, so I can have a vague idea of what I might want to order, so it was a little sad when we got there and couldn't order some of the things we originally wanted to try! I was actually a little confused by the menu, as there were all these meat and dairy seeming options on the menu, yet I was sure it was a vegan restaurant. Turns out, any meat or dairy options are actually replaced with a vegan counterpart, allowing you to essentially have these dishes but staying vegan. Full disclosure - as you can probably tell from this blog, I'm not vegan myself, and my opinions are not trying to compare these dishes to their counterparts and how they differ.

The dishes we went with were the brekkie hot dog ($15), the mac n cheese ($14) and for dessert, hot jam donuts (5 for $15). The mac n cheese was served with american creamy cheddar, and had a really great cheese flavour. The portion was really generous and would be perfect for sharing between people.

The brekkie hot dog came with bacon, 'scrambled eggs', cheese, onion and BBQ sauce served in a bun. The use of the BBQ sauce really brought the whole dish together and gave it added flavour, as some of the other flavours were quite minimal or lacking. The hot dog was made from some sort of tofu, as was the scrambled which we assumed was some sort of scrambled eggs substitute. There was a subtle bacon flavour, but overall this was an average dish; my friend said she has definitely had some better ones before.

The hot jam donuts were filled with raspberry jam, and the highlight of our experience here for sure. There was a perfect amount of sugar coating the donut to give you that crunch from the sugar crystals, contrasting with the crispy outer and the soft doughy interior of the donut itself. The donut wasn't too doughy either, and there was just the right amount of raspberry jam to ensure the donuts weren't dry, and gave it some acidity to cut through the otherwise sweet dish. Despite all our food coming at the one time, the donuts were still warm when we had it at the end, which added to its deliciousness.

I'd definitely like to visit again to try some of their dinner dishes, as that was what really made us want to go in the first place. Definitely worth a try whether you're vegan or not!

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Price: $$

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