Red Cup Cafe, Box Hill

1/16/2016 , 0 Comments

Red Cup is a large cafe in the Box Hill area, close by to the shopping district just past the Town Hall. The experience I had here was average, and there are definitely some improvements that could be made in terms of service.

The cafe itself is very spacious and big, with a rustic feel due to the brick wall decor in place. There's plenty of seating both inside and out, so perfect for this summer weather. It was quite packed when we went, and felt quite lively with all the chatter from the tables of people. Service was okay, but the staff could have been more attentive in our opinion - I asked for mushrooms as extras with my dish and got spinach instead, and also, I was not done eating when the staff tried to take my plate away without asking first if I was still going. Also, when we first sat down, we said we didn't want any coffee/drinks, and the staff looked at us in confusion for awhile, before asking if we wanted to order food, which I was a bit surprised about.

There isn't a very large selection at Red Cup, but it is served all day. My friend went with the Pot' o' Muesli ($12.50), and I went with scrambled eggs on toast with sausages and mushrooms on the side ($11.50 + $4 each for sides). The muesli was a good portion to make you full, and there was lots of milk and yoghurt so the dish didn't feel too dry. The honey that was drizzled on the apples made for extra flavour which was really enjoyable, however the dates in the muesli were extremely hard and basically inedible.

The scrambled eggs were done well; creamy and fluffy, though it was more flavoursome at the top, whereas down the bottom the flavour was lacking a bit. There was a generous portion of spinach given, and the sausage was cooked well albeit a little bit oily. There was only one slice of toast that came with the dish, which unfortunately became soggy by the end of the meal. An average dish overall with some improvements that could be made.

It's not often that I write a review that isn't very positive, and unfortunately this was one of those experiences. As such, I most likely will not be visiting this cafe again.

Ambience: 8/10 
Service: 6/10
Food: 7/10
Price: $$


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