Journeyman, Windsor

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Journeyman is a popular Chapel Street cafe in Windsor, located in the heart of the shopping area and easily accessible by both tram and train. I was surprised I hadn't really heard of the cafe despite its high ratings online, and was happy with my experience here.

The cafe itself doesn't look very big, but it actually seats quite a few people both inside and out. The decor had an industrial feel to it with the brick walls and the beams of wood leading to the roof, and the atmosphere was lively with all the customers. We went around 11am on a Saturday and there was about a half hour wait for a table, but our food came relatively quickly once we ordered. Staff were friendly and attentive, though as it was quite busy it took awhile to get their attention when we wanted to order.

The menu isn't very extensive at Journeyman but the dishes are quite interesting, and there's also specials of the day and a display cabinet of food to choose from. We went with a persian fetta potato croquette ($19) and the Sauteed Mushrooms ($17), and also got a cold pressed OJ ($5.50) and hot chocolate ($4.50) as well. The orange juice was sweet and refreshing, but as it was cold pressed was lacking that pulp texture that makes OJs so enjoyable. The hot chocolate had a good strong chocolate flavour and wasn't overly sweet, though was only warm and not hot when served.

The Persian Fetta Potato Croquette came with poached eggs, sweet corn puree, crispy kale and manchego cheese, and my friend ordered relish and avo as extras. The croquette was cooked perfectly, with a crispy thin outer layer and a soft, creamy and smooth texture inside. The kale was crispy though a little bitter, but this was balanced well with the sweet and soft corn. However, the corn did come in kernels instead of a puree form like the menu said. The eggs were cooked perfectly, and the tomato/onion based relish went really well with the croquette to give it that little bit more flavour. Despite not looking like a very generous dish, it was surprisingly filling with all the elements, plus the sides ordered as well.

The Sautéed Mushrooms were served with muntries (a kind of fruit), poached eggs, shiraz and a garlic cream sauce, with a slice of baguette bread on the side. The portion was extremely generous, and there were actually a few different types of mushrooms in the dish that were cooked perfectly with great texture and flavour. It all went together really well with the Shiraz and garlic cream sauce, and the eggs were also cooked perfectly. As someone who is a huge fan of mushrooms, I really enjoyed this dish.

There are some different dishes to your usual brunch menus here at Journeyman, and I'd recommend coming if you're in the neighbouring area.

Ambience: 8/10 
Service: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10
Price: $$


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