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Rustica Sourdough Bakery is a bakery/cafe in Fitzroy on Brunswick St, easily accessible by tram 11 and close to another place I've blogged about in the past, Vegie Bar. The bakery is best known for its artisan breads, house roasted coffee and contemporary menu, and its rustic industrial feel atmosphere.

There's definitely a rustic vibe to Rustica, with the front half of the cafe being very open and spacious, though at the back a bit more squashed and dark. There's also seats outside, and the constant stream of people coming in just for a coffee or to buy pastries and bread made for a lively atmosphere. There aren't many decorations on the walls, as most of it is covered in really cool art work, as you can see below.

We went at about 12pm on a Saturday and were lucky enough to grab a seat at the communal table for two people. We decided to share a sweet and savoury dish, and ended up getting the special of the day; Red Velvet Waffles ($16.50) as well as scrambled eggs on toast with a range of sides. We also got the apple crumble and raspberry donuts ($4.50 each) to share for dessert.

The sides we chose to go with our scrambled eggs on Rustica's sourdough bread were spinach, avo, potato hash and chorizo. The portion was quite decent for the prices, and the scrambled eggs were done perfectly. The hash brown was a bit like a flat version of a rosti, with a slightly peppery taste that had a crunchy outer layer and soft inside. However, the chorizo was quite salty and oily, as well as a bit dry, and I felt that I had to drink a lot of my OJ to wash it down, even with all the other elements of the dish.

The red velvet waffles came with a chocolate fudge sauce and citrus sweet cream cheese. Despite it sounding really delicious, we were disappointed with how average the dish turned out to be. For starters, it felt quite overpriced; there was only one waffle, and you couldn't really taste any red velvet flavour at all. I had thought it would be quite a sweet dish, but it was surprisingly well balanced in flavours, as the fudge chocolate sauce wasn't sickly sweet, and the cream cheese and freeze dried raspberries and banana slices helped as well. There was also a good crunch from the chocolate balls, but overall it wasn't a very satisfying dish.

The raspberry donut had quite a bit of filling, to the point where it felt like the ratio of filling to donut was a bit imbalanced. The filling was quite sour and acidic, and there wasn't enough donut to counter it. The apple crumble donut was more enjoyable, with contrasting flavours from the apple to the crunchy sweet crumble and the spice from the cinnamon on top.

The menu at Rustica isn't very extensive, and perhaps it isn't the best brunch food I've had, but the pastries all look pretty good and I'd be willing to come back and try some of them, or maybe to get one of the loaves of bread.

Ambience: 8/10
Food: 7.5/10
Price: $$

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  1. Oh, that's too bad about the red velvet waffle - it sounds like such a good idea.


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