Red Robyn, Camberwell

Red Robyn is a well known cafe in Camberwell near the Camberwell library, easily accessible by tram 75. The cafe prides itself on being 100% gluten free, and aims to cater for all dietary requirements. I actually didn't realise the cafe's dishes were all gluten free when I decided to visit, but it was still very delicious nonetheless!

We went on a Sunday and managed to get a seat at the table/bench by the window for two, so didn't have to wait at all. The cafe was very busy the whole time we were there (which was about three hours!), with a lively atmosphere from all the chatter of the customers. We were pretty much the last people left by the time they were about to close, and the staff were good enough to not make us leave just so they could close up early, which was really nice! The service was great, and the staff were really friendly, asking if we had any dietary requirements when taking our order, in case we had any allergies.

There's one wall filled with artwork, and near where we were sitting there was a huge blackboard with a drawing of a robyn, next to a wooden shelf that had a really cool assortment of decorations, many of them being bird themed which was really cute.
There's a good range of breakfast and lunch dishes at Red Robyn, though my friend and I both went with breakfast dishes; the Chef's Plate ($19.80) and the Baked Eggs ($17.50). The chef's plate consisted of poached eggs, served with white polenta hash, maple bacon, roasted tomatoes, a pea puree, labneh (greek yoghurt) and seeds. The polenta hash was a different colour to what we'd expected; it was green instead of the usual yellowish colour, though it went well with the rest of the dish. The eggs were a little overcooked and weren't runny, but not to the point of being dry. The maple bacon was a bit sweeter than it was savoury because of the maple flavour, though not sickly sweet, and the pea puree had a really nice and smooth texture, and a subtle sweet taste. The semi sun dried tomatoes were average; in general, the whole dish was a little bit sweeter than expected, and it would've been good to have more savoury flavours to balance it out.

The baked eggs consisted of spiced lamb meatballs with a tomato salsa, caramlised fennel, labneh, qunioa gremolata and grilled flatbread on the side. Though served with a tomato salsa, it didn't have a very strong tomato flavour that you'd normally associate with baked eggs, and it was quite a thick dish so you couldn't dip the flatbread in it either. However, there was a really good mixture of textures and strong flavours, from the crumbly meatballs to the sour labneh, the sweet caramalised fennel and the quinoa gremolata on top, which made for an enjoyable dish. By itself, the flatbread was a little salty, but together with all the elements of the baked eggs was a good combination. 

For those who are gluten intolerant or have special dietary requirements, this is a must try cafe with a great range of dishes to choose from. I have to admit I do love my gluten foods, so would probably not visit again.

Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Price: $$

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