Trinitas Thai, Camberwell

Trinitas Thai is a relatively well known Thai restaurant in Camberwell, about a five minute walk from Camberwell Station and easily accessible by tram 72. The restaurant prides itself on traditional, contemporary and fusion thai dishes that are authentic and diverse.

The restaurant has an air of sophistication to it, with mood lighting and jazz music playing softly in the background. There are simple photos on one wall of ingredients, and a large mirror on one side. Staff are friendly and helpful, recommending certain dishes and making sure our water glasses were never empty.

There's an extremely extensive list of dishes at Trinitas Thai, with about fifteen to twenty dishes on each page to choose from for contemporary, traditional and fusion dishes. As there were four of us, we decided on a dish from each of the menus, as well as the special spring rolls of the day and a seafood Pad Thai.

The special spring rolls were really delicious and not like the spring rolls you'd usually expect. The skin was a bit crepe like; nice and soft though thicker, and not crispy at all. The dipping sauce that came with it really helped to add flavour to the dish and complimented it well, as without it the spring rolls may have been a bit bland with just natural flavours. Though we really enjoyed this dish, it might've been good if the staff told us that this wasn't like the classic spring rolls, in case that was what customers preferred.

The Pad Thai ($15.50) was really light and not oily at all, and a little sweeter than the average pad thai. I thought it was still great, but if you're not so much of a sweet fan it may not sit as well. There was a really generous portion of prawns, which were fresh and had a good elasticity. There was a good balance of flavours and textures and this was overall an enjoyable dish.

The traditional dish we went with was the red curry duck ($27), which consisted of boneless roasted duck with pineapple, tomato, thai basil and cherry tomatoes, simmered in the coconut milk red curry. This curry was slightly on the spicy side, combining well with the sweetness of the pineapple and lychee for a flavoursome dish. The long beans added crunch, and the basil flavour really came through well but wasn't overpowering. However, perhaps because there were so many other flavours, you couldn't really taste the natural duck flavours at all, though it did have a good texture and was tender.

From the contemporary menu, we chose a Yum Scallop ($14) and the Honey Pork Neck ($29). There was originally only three scallops in the dish, but seeing as there was four of us, the staff were more than happy to add an extra. The scallops were pan fried marinated, and served with a green apple and tamarind sauce.  The green apple salad with coriander and cashews made for a very refreshing dish, contrasting really well with the warm scallops and dipping sauce.

The honey pork neck is one of the signature dishes at Trinitas Thai, consisting of tender pork neck slowly braised in tamarind, honey and star annise, served with steam vegetables. Despite being a signature dish, this was probably the least enjoyable one of the night, as you couldn't taste any honey flavour at all, and the pork itself was a little on the dry side. It was soft and broke apart easily, but there was quite a bit too much of it and not enough of the steamed vegetables to balance it out.

The dish we chose from the fusion menu was called Three Kings ($28), which consisted of lightly battered fish, calamari and prawns in a rich sauce, served with vegetables and cashew nuts. The batter the seafood was covered in was lovely and light yet crispy, which contrasted well with the soft fish and calamari inside it. The sauce was full of flavour, and the rest of the dish with the cashew nuts, onion, beans and broccoli contrasted well with the softness for a contrast of flavours.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience at Trinitas Thai, and I'd definitely like to come back and try out some of their other dishes as there so many to choose from. The dishes are a little pricier than most places I blog about, though for the most part the quality makes up for it.

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10
Price: $$$

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