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Krimper is a warehouse style cafe located in the CBD, in a small street off an alleyway on La Trobe St, close to where Shortstop Donuts is located. The cafe has a really interesting design concept with its brick walls and simple lighting, creating a warm and welcoming environment that at the same time looks rustic and old fashioned with its warehouse, open style decor. The cafe can be a little hard to find, as there's only a small pink sign above the entrance.

In the middle of cafe is a really cool shed like dining booth that can seat up to four people, and the rest of the cafe is filled with an assortment of communal and smaller tables. Upbeat music plays softly in the background, and the cafe itself had a constant stream of people coming in and out, but it was never completely full, giving it a relaxed feel.  We went around 11am on a Sunday and didn't have to wait at all for a table.

The menu at Krimper isn't the most extensive but the choices are quite interesting, and there's a good range of drinks to choose from as well. We decided on the avo on toast with poached eggs ($15 + $2), the Duck in Pan ($18) and the Summer Salmon ($20), and for drinks went with the fresh orange juice ($6) and a skinny chai latte ($4.50). The orange juice had a good refreshing taste but unlike most places didn't have any pulp in it. The chai latte was quite spicy, and felt like it wasn't really mixed well as there wasn't any sweetness to it, and down the bottom was quite frothy and foamy.

The avo on toast came with watercress, tomato and sesame, and my friend ordered two poached eggs as a side. The avo was served beside the toast instead of on top of it which was a bit different, but there was a good portion of it to the rest of the dish. The multigrain toast that it was served with also had butter on top, which made it feel quite heavy as you already had all the avo on it. The flavours were good but lacked a little zing, and one of the main downsides was that a few bites of the dish were extremely salty. The tomato and watercress added freshness to the dish, and the eggs were cooked perfectly.

The Duck in Pan consisted of house made duck prosciutto, duck egg, spinach, mushroom ragout and a potato espuma (foam). I felt like there wasn't enough duck prosciutto in the dish compared to everything else - there was only three pieces - though they did have good flavour and were slightly chewy. There was a generous portion of mushroom and spinach, and the potato foam added both texture and an enjoyable flavour to the dish. The duck egg was cooked perfectly, oozing out when cut into. This dish also came with buttered multigrain toast on the side, which I also felt wasn't really necessary as it could've just been dipped in the dish for flavour. Overall, the dish was hearty but not heavy, and together with the juice made for an enjoyable meal.

The summer salmon came with a citrus salad, fennel, mint, sumac and a poached egg. Presentation wise the dish looked great, however my friend didn't enjoy the dish at all. The salmon was extremely salty, and the grapefruit bitter, mixing with the seasoning in a way that didn't compliment the flavours. The fennel and celery were extremely sour, and the bread became soggy under the weight of all the elements of the dish. There was also some kind of sour spread on the bread that wasn't very enjoyable. Altogether, the combination of flavours just didn't match well which made for an unpleasant experience unfortunately.

There's some good dishes on the menu that I'd be willing to try, though as one of my friends didn't have a very good experience here, it may be awhile before we visit again. Worth a try if you're in the CBD and looking for places to brunch though!

Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Price: 7.5/10

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