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Nshry is a small cafe in Albert Park, about a ten minute walk from the last stop on tram 1 towards South Melbourne beach. I decided to visit this place as a friend had been before and enjoyed the food, plus the weather has been so great lately that we couldn't pass up a chance to have breakfast on the beach! Overall we were quite happy with our experience though there were a few downsides, and will definitely be visiting again in the future.

The cafe itself is quite small, with seating indoors and outside, though all in the shade so you don't feel the heat even when it's 35 degrees (celsius). The location and great view from the outdoor seating area is one of the main features of Nshry, as well as its take on typical breakfast dishes but with a Japanese/Asian twist, and its range of burgers on the lunch menu. We went at around 11am on a Saturday and was lucky enough to be immediately seated at one of the corner tables facing out onto the ocean, and the cool ocean breeze with a hint of sea salt smell in the air made for a great experience, though we did find that it became quite cold after almost two hours of sitting in the shade with the breeze. The service was good with friendly staff, and our dishes came in about fifteen minutes. Our drinks did take awhile to get here though; my juice arrived pretty quickly after our order was placed, but my friends ordered an ice chai latte and a latte, which came a little after our food did.

As we were there around 11am, we couldn't order any of the burgers from the lunch menu, which only starts at midday. The burgers at Nshry are quite well known, having been listed as one of the top ten burger places in Melbourne by The Burger Adventure blog, so I'll definitely be coming back sometime soon to try them out! The three dishes we ordered were the Mushroom Omelette ($16), the Grilled Avocado dish ($19.50) and the Nshry Breakfast ($22). We also got a drink each; the Immunity Juice, an Ice Chai Latte and a normal latte. The latte was very nice, not too frothy or milky, with a good coffee taste and aroma to it. The Ice Chai was also quite enjoyable, and came with ice cream which added more milkness and sweetness to the drink. There's not too strong a chai taste, and the honey down the bottom also enhanced the sweetness of the drink, though not to the point of being sickly sweet. The Immunity Juice consisted of watermelon, orange and strawberry juice, and was quite a refreshing and tasty drink. However, there wasn't enough ice in the drink and it became warm quite quickly.

The mushroom omelette consisted of several types of mushrooms including buttered enoki, oyster, shiitake and shimeji in a fluffy omelette, served with white truffle oil, spring onions and a chilli soy dressing on toasted sourdough. The omelette itself smelled amazing because of the use of oyster sauce, but after eating a few mouthfuls, this oyster sauce dressing made the dish quite salty and overpowered all the different types of mushrooms used, and I couldn't taste the chilli flavour in it at all. The two pieces of bread had soaked up all of the dressing, which did make it more flavoursome, but became too much and I had to keep drinking water or my juice to cleanse my palette. The different mushrooms were all cooked well, flavoursome with a lovely texture that wasn't too hard to swallow or chew. I did find there was a lot more enoki and shiitake mushroom in the dish than the other two types. The omelette itself did help to balance the salty flavours but it was so strong that it still overpowered the rest of the elements of the dish. The spring onion garnish was also great in balancing the flavours as it has quite a strong distinct flavour itself, but as there was only a small amount on top of the omelette, it wasn't really enough.

The grilled avocado dish came with a poached egg, bacon, roasted peppers and gruyere with a capsicum relish on sundried tomato and chilli toast. The poached egg was done perfectly, with runny yolk when cut into. The avocado was nicely grilled, and really helped to balance the rest of the dish, which otherwise may have been a too salty. The bread was a bit hard to cut into, and despite being chilli bread, only had a very subtle spicy taste to it. The capsicum relish was also quite salty, as well as the roasted peppers and bacon. You couldn't really taste the gruyere cheese at all, and if hadn't been stated on the menu, we wouldn't have known it was considered an element of the dish. At most, it felt like a garnish more than anything, on top of the roasted peppers. The bacon, apart from being salty, was also quite burnt and black.

The Nshry breakfast consisted of two panko crumbed poached eggs on wasabi peas and chilli toast, served with shiso, bacon wrapped chinese broccoli, sauteed mushrooms and an oyster sauce dressing. The highlight of the dish was the panko crumbed poached eggs (panko is a type of Japanese style breadcrumb), which was an interesting concept of having a crunchy and crispy outer layer, with a perfectly cooked poached egg on the inside that had runny egg yolk when cut into. Like the grilled avocado and mushroom omelette dishes, the bread was also a bit hard to cut, and also quite salty because it had also soaked up all the juice from the oyster sauce dressing. The chilli flavour of the bread was very light, and often overpowered by the dressing. The sauteed mushrooms were also quite salty, having been covered in the dressing, though they were well cooked and not hard to chew. The chinese broccoli wasn't very fresh; it was hard and coarse to eat, and came in a very large portion compared to what we are used to seeing, with quite a big stalk. The bacon for this dish was enjoyable, as it wasn't too salty or burnt like in the other dish, and the wasabi peas also added texture, and weren't mushy or too soft, though there wasn't any wasabi taste to them at all.

Despite some downsides to all our dishes, I'd happily return to Nshry to try some of their burgers - perhaps this is what they are best known for, and having the chance to enjoy a meal by the beach is always a big plus. The portions were great for the prices, and we were all feeling quite full afterwards.

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  1. Hey, thank you for the review. I have never been to Nshry, but the food is amazing especially the mushroom omelette. I'm looking forward at it.


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