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Palate is a restaurant bar in Prahran on Greville St, about a 2 minute walk from Prahran train station. As stated on its website, it prides itself on being one of the first and best paleo restaurants in Melbourne (Paleo refers to a more healthy, smart type of eating that excludes grains, dairy products, refined salt and sugar as well as processed oils). We decided to visit this cafe simply because it was filled with people when we walked past, and we wanted to see why it seemed to be so popular.

As Palate is a restaurant bar as opposed to simply a cafe, the design and layout is quite casual, yet also has a sophistication to it. One side of the restaurant has cushioned seats, and there's also a TV on the wall. The large windows allow for plenty of natural light to seep through, even towards the back of the restaurant. The atmosphere is quite cheerful, with the chatter from the customers and constant bustle of people coming and going. The service was quite good, with attentive staff who came over twice to check if we were ready to order. We did have to wait a little longer than usual to get our food, but maybe because it was quite busy at the time we were there. 

The menu is quite extensive, with breakfast being served all day. One of the features of Palate is the Paleo inspired 'Choose your own dish' option, which allows you to select what you would like from a list of about twenty different menu items. You can either have 5 items including 1 meat option for $19, or 7 items including 1 meat option for $23. I was quite tempted to choose my own dish, but as we were going elsewhere for dessert afterwards, decided the portions might be a bit big. Instead, we decided to share a breakfast and lunch dish between two, and chose the Salmon and Eggs ($17) and the Tandoori Chicken Pizza ($15).

The salmon and eggs consisted of 2 poached free range eggs on wholegrain toast with Tasmanian smoked salmon, lemon dressed rocket, avocado and a side of hollandaise sauce. For the price, I was surprised there was only one slice of toast, but it was an interesting twist to have rocket included. The lemon dressing on the rocket meant it wasn't so dry, and gave the salad a slightly acidic hit for extra flavour. My friend and I both felt that the hollandaise sauce wasn't really needed, as the dish tasted perfectly fine without it. Even when you did put the sauce on the poached egg, it didn't add much flavour to it.  

The tandoori chicken pizza also included spinach, red onion, mozzarella cheese and minted yoghurt. Despite that it was stated on the menu that the pizza came with minted yoghurt, we didn't actually have any on our dish for some reason, and weren't given an explanation by the staff as to why this happened (so either they forgot, or ran out but didn't think to let us know). The chicken wasn't too bad, as it had good spicy flavours, but it did become a little dry by the end. The spinach helped balance out the heaviness from both the strong tandoori flavours, and the mozzarella cheese's strong taste. It wasn't too heavy of a dish overall, and for the price it was a great portion, though we would've liked to have had the yoghurt to help balance out the spicy flavours, which became quite overpowering the more slices of pizza you ate. 

My friend also ordered a skinny latte, though she said that it wasn't the best she's had. This was because the coffee tasted a bit sour, due to the type of coffee beans used. However, if that is the type of coffee that you prefer, then you'd probably enjoy it.  

Palate is a good restaurant for catching up with people because of the atmosphere and space, and the wide variety of dishes you can choose from. Also, if you are into the Paleo style of eating or wish to give it a go, this would be a great place to try out.

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