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There's nothing I love more than desserts, so I was incredibly excited when Adriano Zumbo finally announced that he would be opening a store in Melbourne. Having seen numerous Zumbo creations on Masterchef in the last couple of years, I can happily say that the quality of the desserts did live up to my expectations. Whether it be pastries, macarons or cakes, the flavours and textures of each dessert is bold and perhaps not what you'd expect, but delicious, nonetheless!

Zumbo's Patisserie is located right next to Two Birds One Stone, about a five minute walk from South Yarra station and tram stops on the 8 route. The store itself isn't very big, and there's not much space to sit down and enjoy the desserts. What few couches they have there however, are of a quirky design that makes them look like large pink marshmallows - even when you touch the couch it has a strange texture to it. 

We went on a Saturday around 10am, and there was already a queue of about ten-fifteen people waiting. Luckily it wasn't too long of a wait though, and before long, we were faced with the difficult decision - what should we get? There was a vast range of pastries, over ten flavours of macarons (or zumbarons, as they're better known as), as well as assorted cakes in small and large sizes. 

The pastries we ended up getting were two of the zonuts (Zumbo style cronuts; $5 each), an apricot danish ($4.50), as well as an ultimate brownie ($6). There were a few flavours of zumbarons that my friends had recommended, so we decided on getting a box of twelve so we could try most of the flavours ($2.50 each for a zumbaron). On top of that, we also decided to get a passionfruit curd and pâte sucrée (sweet shortcrust pastry; $6).

The apricot danish was a bit sour than your average danish, probably because the apricot used didn't include added sweetners, like those from canned fruits. Despite not eating it for several hours after we initially purchased it, the pastry didn't become soggy, and the custard was nice and light, with a good flavour to it. 

The so called ultimate brownie was aptly named, and was an absolute delight to eat. It had the perfect balance of flavours so that each bite wasn't too sweet, too rich or too dry, with the walnuts adding extra texture. Of course, I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, so this might be a bit sweet if you're not a big fan.

Zonuts, or cronuts as the original name states, is a pastry first invented by a New York pastry chef earlier this year, and is a fusion of a croissant and doughnut. The flavour of cronuts when we went was Strawberries and Cream, though this changes every week or so. The zonut was a little on the oily side, but had a great texture to it. It had the multiple layers like that of a croissant, though the top and overall shape was more doughtnut like, with the icing on top. The strawberry jam used in the zonut was quite sour, and it would've been good to have a little more cream to balance this out. I'm quite good at taking sour flavours, but for my friends who don't really like sour tastes, the lack of sweetness in the jam was quite overwhelming, even with the cream and icing on top.

We ended up getting nine different flavours of zumbarons, doubling up on a couple of the flavours, including Salted Butter Popcorn, caramel, salted caramel, almond and pear, blackcurrant, bread and pudding, fingerbun, earl grey with chocolate and balsamic, and cherry coconut. What I love about Adriano Zumbo's zumbarons is that the flavours may not be your typical flavours- some you might even be hesistant to get, but each one is surprisingly good. The macarons aren't just sweet and crumbly, they are packed with the different flavours that balance each other out very well, and there's a good chewiness to every single one.

My favourite would have to be the salted butter popcorn, fingerbun and caramel zumbarons, for the strong flavours and chewy textures. The salted butter popcorn zumbaron had actual little pieces of popcorn in it, and felt like you were eating both a macaron and popcorn in each bite. The centre had a nice buttery taste to it, with a slight chewiness to it. Usually, I prefer salted caramel macarons to caramel macarons as plain caramel ones can be quite sweet, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the caramel zumbaron, with the rich caramel flavour coming through well, but not being overly sweet. The salted caramel zumbaron was a little on the bitter side, so I didn't enjoy it was much as I did the caramel one, but nonetheless, it was still great. The fingerbun zumbaron actually tasted like I was eating a finger bun or a hot cross bun, with a slight cinnamon flavour and subtle taste of bread to it. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with finger buns, they're buns in the shape of fingers, usually with icing and hundreds and thousands on top, and can be found at most bakeries.) 

The passionfruit tart had good strong flavours, and was surprisingly light and sweet. It wasn't sour at all, and the custard had a smooth texture with a simple vanilla flavour to it. The pastry base was thick enough to hold the custard together, but not too dry or crumbly when you cut into it. It added density to the lightness of the passionfruit custard, and balanced the whole dessert out well.

I'd definitely recommend a visit to this patisserie, even if you're not a big fan of desserts, as it's really something different to the normal pastries and cakes from a cafe. I'm already eagerly planning what other desserts to try for my next trip there!

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