Liar Liar, Hawthorn

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Liar Liar is a small cafe in the Hawthorn area near Glenferrie, close to a couple of other cafes I've blogged about in that area. It's tucked away on a side street, with no distinct signs to indicate its location, though you can probably tell where it is by the number of people sitting outside. I was impressed with the service of Liar Liar, as the staff were extremely friendly and attentive. We were asked multiple times by different staff how our meals were, and didn't have to ask for refills of water or anything else. The interior of the cafe is quite cosy, and there's a good atmosphere to the place.

We went at around 11:30 on a weekend, which gave us the option of choosing dishes from the lunch menu that started at that time, and the breakfast menu, which runs for the whole day. A little quirky plus about the menu was some of the names chosen for the dishes, that were aligned with the cafe name of Liar Liar, such as 'Big Fat Liar' and 'Pants on Fire'. We all decided on dishes from the breakfast menu, and ended up ordering the Big Fat Liar ($17.50), Pants on Fire ($17) and the Eggs Benedict ($16).

The Big Fat Liar consisted of eggs done anyway with bacon, pork chipolatas, roasted mushrooms, spinach, thyme roasted tomatoes and house made relish. Pork chipolatas is essentially a pork sausage, but is made using more herbs and spices than normal sausages. The chipolatas were okay, as the outer skin layer was quite dry and tough to chew. The bacon wasn't too salty, and the mushrooms were tender. There was a generous serving of spinach, and the tomato didn't become soggy when left for too long, which was good. My friend really enjoyed the sourdough bread that came with the dish- it wasn't too tough, and had good elasticity. However, it would've been nice to have a little less of the spinach and more mushroom perhaps, as it left you with quite a strong aftertaste that you get when you have had too much spinach. The portion was pretty good for the price, and left you feeling full but not bloated.

Pants on Fire was a baked eggs dish that came with chorizo in a pepperonata napoli, and was served with warm turkish bread. I was a bit disappointed with this dish, as it was not quite up to the standards of baked eggs I have had in several other cafes. The main reason was that I felt that the portion of pepperonata napoli to baked eggs was a bit too much, even with four slices of turkish bread to go with it all. Usually for a baked eggs dish, I would assume that the eggs would be the main component, but this was not the case with this dish. Also, given the size of the dish, the amount of chorizo that was in it was very little, and the pieces themselves were also quite small. In addition, the egg was cooked inconsistently; some was quite overcooked, yet in some parts the egg white was still raw. Upon first sight, I would have thought four slices of bread would be too much to go with it all, but as the pepperonata was so rich, it was actually a good amount to have. Although not quite what I expected, the dish definitely left me feeling full, and the pepperonata had good strong flavours with generous amounts of capsicum in it.

The Eggs Benedict consisted of poached eggs on an english muffin with ham and asparagus, served with hollandaise sauce. The ham had a more bacon like texture to it, and was a little salty when eaten by itself. Similarly, the hollandaise sauce felt a bit sour if you had too much in one bite. Eaten together though, and the different flavours all balanced out really well. The eggs were done perfectly, and the added element of asparagus was interesting, and added good texture and flavour. However, the muffin was a bit small, and in general the portion of the dish didn't seem enough, given how much it cost. 

Liar Liar is yet another good little cafe in this Hawthorn area, and it doesn't get very busy so there's not much of waiting around for tables. Definitely worth a try if you happen to be in the area and are wanting somewhere to eat brunch!


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