Coco Lounge, Glen Waverley

Coco Lounge is located in the Kingsway area of Glen Waverley, and consists of a restaurant downstairs and a lounge bar upstairs. It's quite a popular cafe in the area, and when we were there, it was constantly filled with people coming and going for the whole morning. There's a lively atmosphere to the cafe, filled with the sounds of chatter. 
Despite the fact that we didn't book in advance and went at 10:30 on a Sunday morning, we were lucky enough to get seats at a large communal table immediately. If you're going with a group of more than three or four however, I'd suggest you book in advance. The service was really good, with friendly and attentive staff who kept refilling our water and attending to our requests. After we had ordered, we were actually offered an actual table, which I thought was considerate as we were happy sitting where we were. 

The dishes we ordered included Eggs Begs ($15.90), Phillippa's baked whole-wheat toast with raspberry jam ($9.40) and the Omelette ($15.90). The eggs begs consisted of two poached eggs, grilled bacon, avocado salsa and hollandaise on whole-wheat toast, with an extra of hash browns ($2.50). Overall this was a great tasting and hearty dish; the eggs were perfectly done, and combined really well with the avocado salsa in particular. The bacon was slightly salty but tasty, and the toast was mostly good, but the crusts were a little hard and took more effort to cut.

My friend decided on whole-wheat toast to go with raspberry jam- there was actually a large selection of bread types to choose from, such as light rye, sourdough and gluten free, just to name a few. Apart from raspberry jam, there were also other options such as vegemite, honey or blood orange jam. The jam was quite sweet with a good strong taste of raspberry, and the bread was toasted well enough that it was crunchy but not too tough.

The omelette included champagne ham, mushrooms, baby spinach, roasted tomato and cheese on sourdough toast. It was a relatively light dish, with lots of melted cheese, which was great for the most part, but at times I felt it overpowered the other flavours, in particular the ham and spinach. The combination of all the ingredients was great, though there wasn't much tomato and you couldn't really tell it had been roasted beforehand. Also, the toast didn't seem to go well with the dish, but perhaps it was because the piece I got was a bit hard, as it had been over-toasted. I was actually also a bit surprised there was only one small slice with the dish, as usual such dishes are accompanied with two slices, or one large slice at the very least. 

Coco Lounge's menus have a good range to choose from, and I'd definitely recommend this place for any meal of the day, as they all look pretty inviting. All the menus can be found on the Coco Lounge website, if anyone is interested in trying it out!

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