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Chapel Bakery Cafe is located on Glenferrie Road in the popular Hawthorn area, about a five minute walk from Glenferrie Station. From the outside, it seems like quite a small cafe, but there's actually quite a large amount of seats outside in the back. They don't take reservations unless you have a large group, but there's enough space that there usually isn't much of a wait anyway. Chapel Bakery Cafe is opened 7 days a week, and the breakfast menu runs until 3pm on all days.

I really liked the interior design of the cafe, as it gave off a cosy and warm atmosphere, especially with the choice of decorations hung up on the walls. The overall service was great; we didn't have to wait long to get served or for our meals to arrive, and the staff were all friendly. 

The three dishes we ordered today were the Club Sandwich ($15.50), Eggs Benedict ($13.50) and the Potato Rosti ($15.50). The club sandwich is a really large serve, and can definitely be shared between two people for a light meal- for one person, it's a bit too big of a portion. The club sandwich consisted of bacon, roast chicken, egg salad, tomato, mixed leaves and chipotle mayo, and is served with seasoned fries on the side. The chipotle mayo was quite spicy- my friend had been before and didn't remember it being so strong last time the dish was ordered, but if you can take spicy food, it's not too bad. There were good flavours in the sandwich, but overall it felt a little on the dry side- perhaps more mixed leaves were needed to balance out the bacon and chicken, and sustain the moisture. Also, although the bread was toasted and warm, the rest of the elements of the sandwich were cold, and my friend felt that it needed to go with something warm like a cup of coffee, otherwise became quite a cold dish. The seasoned fries were flavoursome, but not too salty, and didn't become soggy by the end, which was a big plus. 

The eggs benedict came with crispy Istra free range bacon and hollandaise sauce, on an english muffin. The eggs were well done and both were runny, and there was a good ratio of hollandaise sauce to the muffin. The hollandaise sauce also balanced out the saltiness of the bacon, and ensured you didn't have to keep drinking water to wash down the saltiness. 

The potato rosti was served with sauteed baby spinach, slow roasted tomato, grilled haloumi cheese, sauteed thyme mushrooms, and avocado. As I've mentioned in a previous post, rosti is essentially grated potato that is fried, shaped into round patties. Haloumi cheese is of Greek origin, and is made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk. The high melting point of the cheese makes it a popular dish to either grill or fry. Separately, the different elements of the dish were a little bland, but when you take a bit of everything and have it all the in one bite, it suddenly becomes full of flavour and texture. The crunchiness of the potato rosti, together with the natural sweetness of the tomato and the saltiness of the grilled haloumi cheese gave it a great balance of flavours, and the avocado added good texture. The sauteed baby spinach and mushrooms were also done well, though I would've liked a stronger thyme flavour in the mushrooms. The rosti was a bit tough to cut up- perhaps it had been fried for too long, and although you could see that herbs had been added in for flavour, you couldn't actually taste it. At first glance, the dish doesn't seem to be a very large portion, but I was left feeling surprisingly full at the end. 

I would definitely recommend this cafe to try, as the prices are all decent, with good portions. There are gluten free and vegetarian options available for most dishes, to cater for different preferences. 


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