65 Degrees Cafe, CBD

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65 Degrees Cafe is a small, cosy cafe on Exhibition Street just off La Trobe St, about a five to ten minute walk from Melbourne Central. It's most well known for its coffee, in particular the Gridlock Coffee specialty coffee roasters. The cafe looks quite small from the outside, but there's actually quite a number of tables available. The staff were quite friendly, and the service was on the whole pretty good. We were attended to as soon as we sat down with menus and glasses of water, and didn't have to ask for refills of water. 

Both the breakfast and lunch menus run until 2pm, and there is also a specials of the day. Many of the lunch baguettes are on display in the cabinets, and there's also a small range of desserts to choose from. 

The four dishes we ordered include the Big Breakfast ($16.50), the Vegetarian Breakfast ($15.50), the Corn Fritter Stack ($15.50) and the Omelette ($14.50). The good thing about these dishes was that we could make alterations to it, and for the corn fritter stack and omelette, you could choose three fillings of your choice out of the seven or eight that were listed. For the big breakfast and vegetarian breakfast, you could choose how you wanted your eggs done. It was slightly disappointing though, to find that they were out of avocado by the time we went for breakfast at around 11am, and had to make do with other fillings. 

The big breakfast had a good range of fillings which were on the whole quite tasty. It included two eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, spinach, onion, relish and hash browns on toast. The sausage wasn't too burnt or oily, and the poached eggs were perfectly done. The bacon was a bit too crispy, but on the upside, it wasn't too salty and didn't have any fat. The hash browns however, were more like crispy mashed potato, and lacked seasoning and flavour. The bread was good in that it didn't become soggy, but the crunchy crust was a bit hard to cut into easily and required more effort.

The vegetarian dish included two eggs, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, onion, hash browns and relish on toast. The highlight of this dish for my friend was the caramelised onions- it was done in such a way that it was sweet in taste, but not so overpowering that you couldn't taste the original onions flavours. The poached eggs were done perfectly, and the relish was a great addition for extra flavour. 

The corn fritter stack was served with relish and three extras of your choice, and my friend decided on smoked salmon, poached eggs and mushrooms. The corn fritters were slightly different to what you expect them to look like- it looked quite flat and pancake-like. Taste wise, it was a bit floury, and my friend expected there to be more corn on it. The relish was very good though, with a tangy and sweet taste that wasn't too strong, and gave the dish that extra kick. The mushrooms weren't too buttery or oily, and the poached eggs were done well.

The omelette was served on toast, and I decided on mushrooms, smoked salmon and chorizo as my three fillings. The chorizo wasn't spicy at all which I was a bit surprised to find, but there was still a good strong taste to it. The ratio of bread to omelette was great, and made for a good sized meal. Overall however, this dish felt a bit bland to me, but in a way it was good, because you could taste all the original flavours of the ingredients. I would've expected the smoked salmon to be saltier, and it was slightly on the dry side, but the mushrooms were done perfectly. 

65 degrees cafe is a great little place for a decent size meal with good prices. Despite the few downsides to the dishes, it was still pretty good overall. As we were sitting there, there was a constant line of customers coming in for just a coffee, so if you're a big coffee fan, you might want to try this cafe out. 

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