Two Birds One Stone, South Yarra

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Two Birds One Stone is a little cafe in South Yarra, about a five minute walk from the South Yarra train station, and close to the shopping district of Chapel Street. It's actually quite hidden away in a street, with no signs on the outside to indicate a cafe, if you didn't look closely. This was actually my second visit to the cafe, and I thoroughly enjoyed it this time round as well.
We went on a public holiday, so the cafe was really busy and we had to wait about 25 minutes for a table. The staff were generally friendly, though we had to wait awhile to get their attention to order, as there were so many people to attend to at the time. The one great aspect of service was that after we had finished our meals, the bill was brought over to where we were sitting, and we could figure out how to split the bill ourselves. The actual cafe itself isn't very big, but there's quite a lot of seating outside. If there is a big enough group, you'll probably be able to have one of the booths inside, but otherwise it's mostly tables for two, and there are also two communal tables. 

There's a good range of both breakfast and lunch dishes at Two Birds One Stone, and if you go on a weekday you have the option of altering your dish somewhat to your own liking. The two dishes we ordered were the Eggs Benedict with house smoked ham hock and Bearnaise on toast ($16.50) and the Corn Fritters with house smoked salmon, avocado and snow pea tendrils ($17.50). My friend also ordered a skinny latte which she thought was good- the coffee tasted slightly different to what is normally served in cafes- perhaps because a different type of coffee bean was used.

The portion of the Eggs Benedict was a bit smaller than what we had expected given the price of the dish, but surprisingly by the time you finished, you were left feeling quite full. The hollandaise sauce was good, but the ham hock tasted a little strange by itself. When eaten with the rest of the dish though, it tasted fine. One of the eggs was a bit overcooked, but the other was perfectly done. 

For the Corn Fritters, I felt the portion was good for the price- there was three round fritters on the dish, with generous amounts of salmon and avocado to go with it. I liked the corn fritters as you could really taste the sweetness of the corn in it, and it wasn't too overpowered by the flour and eggs mixture. However, I kept getting random bites throughout my dish that were really salty- perhaps a pinch of salt had been added to the dish, which was a little unpleasant. Also, I didn't really like the snow pea tendrils on top, as they were a bit of a mouthful to eat, and didn't enhance the texture or really balance out the other flavours of the dish.

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